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Joss Whedon

Joss Whedon answers to WGA’s Back Channel Discussion With AMPTP

Saturday 19 January 2008, by Webmaster

Joss Whedon said...

I’d actually like to be the guy that rains on this parade. The use of the word "Endgame" is very dangerous. Even if these back-channel discussions are the route to serious negotiations, it could be weeks — months — before anything is resolved. And that’s assuming the AMPTP isn’t about to unveil yet another bullying tactic to draw this out even more. "Endgame" sends the wrong message to the WGA members. We need, now as much as ever, to act as if the strike is NEVER going to end. We need the rage that sends us out onto the picket lines, the passion that makes us look for alternate methods of financing and developing content, and the unity that reminds us how much the studios have taken from the community already by forcing this strike. As far as the WGA is concerned, the studios have not made one decision based on fair business practices. (Funny side-note: they’ve also abused writers as long as there has been filmed entertainment.) Some of the things that have been broken in these last months can never be fixed, some truths about the studios’ power-grubbing inhumanity that can never be forgotten, or laughed over (as they have been for decades).

I’m honestly thrilled about the news. I’m as ready as anyone to get back to telling stories in the media I love. But the studios need to remember that I’m also ready not to.

This is not the end. And it was never a game.