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Joss Whedon

Joss Whedon describes "Wonder Woman" Movie

Friday 3 March 2006, by isa

Every time Joss Whedon pops up for an interview his upcoming project, Wonder Woman, is always mentioned or, at least, thrown around. In his last interview, Whedon mentioned that he was hoping to have a finished script in the next couple of weeks. However, it seems like not all has gone to plan and Whedon is still doing touch-ups in preparation for production.

Wonder Woman and Serenity

While discussing Serenity with Empire, Whedon talks about the possibility of a sequel and gives a brief heads up on the current status of Wonder Woman.

So is there any hope for a Serenity sequel, or another series? You know, we didn’t exactly set the box office aflame. The DVD is doing quite well. Nobody’s said anything. I don’t rule it out, I’d love to do it, but I’m focusing on whatever’s next, as are my actors. If anybody ever calls for us to come back together, that would be a great joy, but the fact that we got to make this film is, in itself, a bit of a miracle, so you don’t ask for another one for a while.

We at CanMag have been hoping for a sequel and are still at a loss of why Serenity didn’t fare better at the box office; great reviews, great buzz... what gives?

How about Goners and Wonder Woman? Can you tell us more about those? Not a whole lot. I am still writing Wonder Woman. It is very awesome but incredibly unfinished, but I should be finishing that in a little while and then I’ll have a better idea of which film is actually going into production. But I can tell you that the film will be about introducing you to Wonder Woman. She’ll be wearing the outfit and there will be the bracelets, the golden lasso and Greek gods. She comes from a civilisation where she’s rather perfect, so she’s the opposite to Buffy in many ways, but she’s going through an adolescent rite of passage because she’s new to the world.