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Joss Whedon

Joss Whedon’s Creations That Were Made into Games

Friday 29 July 2016, by Webmaster

If slots weren’t in a spin enough add to this the array of games produced from the films made by Joss Whedon. The world of comics clashes with casinos.

Games might not be a favourite of Joss Whedon but did you know that his work has gone on to be made into lots of different types of games? Find out which right here.

With the ever going run of comic books being turned into movies and TV series you’d be spoilt for choice knowing that a great number of them became transformed into online games that run in the sector of online casinos.

Marvel and DC have spread their grasp of entertainment which finds this current trend scoring big in Switzerland which has recorded the highest average for games to be played under the ‘superhero’ bracket. With 43% of online slot players opting to play comic book theme games over other options as recorded by the online casino comparison and provider site. Alas the Swizz won’t be seeing Whedon’s Batgirl™ having pulled from the project.

While playing on the simply awesome Immortal Romance online slot (a homage to Buffy the Vampire slayer) it was all too apparent that actually a lot of Joss Whedon’s creations/collaborations have made the (sometimes dreaded) crossover into the world of recreational games and online gaming. This is quite funny since Joss Whedon is a kind of confirmed anti-gamer, yet his creations are so popular that many have crossed over into mainstream versions of video games, card games and even online gambling games too.

Although not a gamer himself, even quoted as saying “I never got the hang of video games”, Whedon had been approached many times in the past to turn a video game story into a feature film but has never really gotten past the initial stages. Here are three cool games that have a connection to some of Joss Whedon’s wonderful creations.

#1. Marvel’s The Avengers Online Slot Game

When he wrote and directed Marvel’s ‘The Avengers’ live action super hero movie in 2012 we’re sure he never predicted it would become into one of the most popular online slot games found in an online casino for example. But ‘The Avengers’ online slot game by software developers Playtech is based directly from the movie created by Whedon and features one of the biggest winnable jackpots in the world called the Marvel Progressive Jackpot Network. Casino players and fans of the movie love this game in equal amounts and it has gone on to make many new millionaires since its release.



#2. Buffy the Vampire Slayer Card Game (CCG)

Probably one of Whedon’s greatest triumphs, Buffy the Vampire Slayer has had almost as much merchandising attached to its franchise as a film like Star Wars has. There have been countless video games released featuring the vampire slaying heroine but one excellent alternative is a trading card or collectable card game released in 2001 by Score Entertainment. In this game you battle your opponent using decks of cards similar to those found Magic - The Gathering. Fast forward to 2016 and the popular card game still has a very active player base and many expansion decks have been released adding more cards to the game.



#3. Serenity Role Playing Game (RPG)

Released in 2005, Serenity the RPG is based directly from Joss Whedon’s award winning space western opus and is produced by MWP Ltd. Played with dice and a guide book, it is a typical table top game and the first to use the Cortex System which makes playing these types of games easier. It follows themes from the movie as well as the films precursor, the wonderful but short lived tv series ‘Firefly’. Being a classic style of table top RPG game means that those running the game can create their own custom situations and themes within the boundaries of the games overall setting, keeping it fresh for old and new players alike.



New Joss Whedon Game based Content?

Many people who are not necessarily fans of Joss Whedon directly, enjoy games that were made from the characters and universes he has created. His style of narrative, his stories and his character creation lends itself excellently to games of all types. Let’s hope at some point in the future he actually gets past the initial stages of development and comes together to create some form of game based off of one of his original stories. Judging by his immense talent and experience this would be truly epic.