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Joss Whedon

Joss Whedon will come back to TV !!

By Ken Tucker

Monday 12 September 2005, by Webmaster

Fall Preview 2005 - Movies

The Final Frontier

Rejoice: Joss Whedon is back. The man who gave us Buffy will launch Serenity, the big-screen version of his short-lived, super-clever 2002 outer-space-Western series Firefly. “John Wayne movies were my initial inspiration,” says Whedon. “But I think of this one as more of a platoon movie: a gang of nine characters to quickly introduce to moviegoers who never had a chance to meet them. Then I plunge them into a lot of danger and get as many of them out as fast as I can. Add wisecracks. Roll credits.” Asked if he can turn a flop TV show into a movie hit, he laughs: “Well, sure, but Serenity’s not a slam-dunk because-d’ohh!-I forgot to put Dakota Fanning in it! I would go back to TV, but only with enough power, so that I wouldn’t have my heart torn out of me again.”


Written and directed by Joss Whedon

Universal Pictures

opens September 30 (PG-13).

4 Forum messages

  • > Joss Whedon will come back to TV !!

    12 September 2005 23:54, by draiz
    Actually since Joss said he "would go back to tv", I’m not sure that really tells us anything but still I’d surely like to see our favorite storymaker go back to his roots ;)
  • > Joss Whedon will come back to TV !!

    13 September 2005 07:59, by jo
    Joss should’ve paid more attention to his original babies in the first place. Maybe things would’ve turned out differently.
  • > Joss Whedon will come back to TV !!

    14 September 2005 08:03, by Anonymous

    Yes, I agree Jo. We all know how Btvs/Ats turned out when he was off working on Firefly *puke*.

    Buffyverse forever.

  • > Joss Whedon will come back to TV !!

    14 September 2005 17:07, by kassix
    I disagree with you jo, we had angel and buffy which were both doing great until the network or the cast let him down. Why should Wheddon go back to Tv when the fans insult him with comments like that. I would love to see him back on tv and I feel sorry for him, both his shows were cut short and he wasn’t able to give them the endings he had planned and was forced to do rush endings which he knows left the fans with questions and loose ends. I say bravo for giving us what we had!