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Julie Benz

Julie Benz - "Dexter" Tv Series - Q&A live sessions at Sydney and Melbourne

Wednesday 3 October 2007, by Webmaster

Popcorn Taxi invites you meet Actor MICHAEL C. HALL (of Six Feet Under fame) for an on-stage discussion, and preview of his new TV show DEXTER, an innovative new crime/thriller series about a Miami Police blood splatter expert, who moonlights as a serial killer.

Based on Darkly Dreaming Dexter, a novel by Jeff Lindsay, Dexter is one of the most complicated characters ever to grace the small screen. He has a steady girlfriend who adores him, he’s the main support for his sister, and a respected member of the Miami Police Department, but he is also a vigilante serial killer who hunts down people who’ve escaped justice, and ensures they never commit another crime.

Every once and a while a show comes along that is so creepy and so intriguing that you feel compelled to watch. Dexter is one of those shows. The serial killer part will no doubt make some of you squirm, but those who enjoy characters that aren’t bad, but aren’t totally that good either, will completely (and morbidly) love this new series.

This program includes a screening of the Pilot and second episode from Dexter, and features an on-stage discussion with Actor MICHAEL C HALL, about his title role.

Dexter will premiere exclusively in Australia on SHOWCASE – the new premium television channel on the Showtime network in December.

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