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Juliet Landau

Juliet Landau directs "Gary Oldman" Documentary

Sunday 23 December 2007, by Webmaster


The actress that played Drusilla in the now classic TV show turns to the creative process

Ask fans what Gary Oldman and Juliet Landau have in common, and the initial answer might be: They both gained fame for playing vampires. Oldman had the title role in Francis Ford Coppola’s DRACULA and Landau played the bloodsucking Drusilla on multiple seasons of BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER and ANGEL. However, the two are connected by more than that – Oldman has directed a music video and, Landau reveals, she has made a documentary about Oldman at work.

At a demonstration on behalf of the Writers Guild of America strike, Landau speaks about the importance of Internet residuals for both writers and actors, although she allows she’s something of a newcomer to the Web.

“I’ve actually only been computer-savvy for about a year. I was directing a documentary called TAKE FLIGHT about Gary Oldman’s creative process, so I had a baptism by fire. I was working with my editor on Final Cut Pro and then got into the rest of everything. I finally have email!”