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Justin Timberlake Goes Hollywood (sarah michelle gellar mention)

Paul Cashmere

Sunday 28 January 2007, by Webmaster

Justin Timberlake’s latest flick Alpha Dog premiered in the USA this week.

Timberlake plays Frankie Ballenbacher in the gangster movie about the life of Jesse James Hollywood, a drug dealer who became the youngest man to hit the FBI’s most wanted list.

Bruce Willis has the starring role.

Timberlake was also seen recently in Black Snake Moan with Samuel L. Jackson and Christina Ricci and Southland Tales with The Rock, Sean Williams Scott and Sarah Michelle Gellar.

His next movie teams him with his ex-girlfriend Cameron Diaz. Timberlake will be heard in Shrek The Third, voicing the part of Prince Artie, the cousin of Diaz’s character Princess Fiona.

Shrek The Third will premiere mid year.