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Kelley Armstrong - "Angel : Aftermath" Comic Book - Q&A

dimanche 3 août 2008, par Webmaster

Kelley Armstrong will write a 5-6 volume single story arc "Angel : Aftermath", a sequel to "Angel : After The Fall".

I haven’t read any of your novels, and quite frankly up until a few days ago, I’d never heard of you (sorry).

I’ll give you the brief bio, then :) I’m the author of two NYT-bestselling series. One is a new young adult urban fantasy series, The Darkest Powers. The second—and much better known—is the adult paranormal suspense series, Women of the Otherworld, with 8 novels so far, plus novellas & short stories. It’s a multi-character narrated series, meaning different stories have different main characters, including some male ones (despite the series title !) Last year I also started a crime series about an ex-cop turned hit woman.

Okay, that’s done. Whew. Hate that part. Onto your questions...

Is it true that you will be writing Angel : Aftermath ?


Is it going to be a limited or on-going series ?

Limited. It’ll be a 5-6 volume single story arc. As you can probably guess from my bio above and signature below, I’m not dying for work :D But the great thing about success is that every now and then a dream opportunity like this one comes along, and I couldn’t turn it down.

What is Joss Whedon’s input in the story ?

The story will be approved by him.

Is it going to be canon ?

Ah, there’s the question and the answer is...it depends. It will follow from the events of Angel : After the Fall, it will continue that storyline and subsequent storylines will follow from it. So, yes, it’s considered canon. That said, though, I know to many readers, if it didn’t come from Joss Whedon himself, it’s not canon, and I’m fine with that. If readers don’t like my contribution to this amazing universe, they’re free to dismiss it as some kind of alternate reality blip in the series. Just pretend it never happened. :lol

IDW Publishing announced that you are going to join Brian Lynch in writing the sequel to their official continuation of the Angel TV Series.

I should clarify this. Brian is writing a separate story arc. Both will continue the series from the TV show (and After the Fall), but they are separate stories, so if readers do decide my contribution is a "best-forgotten alternate reality blip", the blame will fall solely on me, unfortunately...

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