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Kristin Kreuk Talks Lana In Smallville Magazine #3

Monday 22 November 2004, by xanderbnd

An interview with Kristin Kreuk is the headlining feature of the third issue of Titan’s Official Smallville Magazine. The issue is due to be released on November 23, although some stores such as Borders and Barnes & Noble have apparently received their copies early.

Here are some highlights from Kristin’s interview, conducted by Paul Simpson:

On her character maturing after meeting her birth father, Henry Small: "I think Lana’s growth process through this entire show will be about becoming independent. She’s just becoming a woman on her own. Meeting her biological father helped her go, ’okay, so the life that I have in my head doesn’t exist, it’s me making it up and I’ve got to create a new life and be true to myself."

On Lana learning The Secret this season: "I have absolutely no idea if Lana will learn the secret at all or not," she admits. "I just don’t know - I thikn that depending on what she learns during her investigations, she may know by the end of the year."

With that said, what does she think? "I think that as the season goes on, she’s going to find out stuff about Clark. And I think that she’s far more likely to be able to accept it, and deal with it as she is now, rather than as she was last year, where she was totally oblivious to any odd goings-on, except for in Smallville, where there were the odd whackos who attacked her and tried to kill her. I think with that extra awareness, that would make her much more understanding and focused."

And finally, the joys of sci-fi: "It’s always fun to work on a sci-fi show because I like the opportunity in episodes to play other characters. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to play other characters again this season."

Smallville Magazine #3 also includes up-to-date Smallville news, a guide to the show’s many meteor freaks, interviews with John Glover and Ken Biller, and much more. Don’t miss it! Stay tuned for more details soon!