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Luuuuke, I Am Your Stalker... (alyson hannigan mention)

Natalie Finn

Sunday 7 May 2006, by Webmaster

Luke Perry is asking for a little restraint.

The Beverly Hills 90210 heartthrob filed a restraining order Apr. 4 in Los Angeles Superior Court against a woman the actor says is harassing him and his two children, according to documents obtained by TMZ.com.

Perry stated that he is seeking protection because the woman in question has repeatedly shown up at [his] professional speaking engagements ("seating herself in a prominent position"), has tried to contact him by phone and mail, and has shown up at his house unannounced.

Security had to escort the woman—whose given name happens to be Liz Perry although he asserts in his report that they’re in no way related—from a talk he gave in January in Palm Springs, Perry wrote.

"I have voiced my discomfort regarding these behaviors directly to her on multiple occasions, seemingly to no effect," he added. Perry filed another protective order in January but the court dissolved it a few weeks later, TMZ reported.

Although Perry seems to have given his alleged stalker at least 8 Seconds to explain herself, the last straw could have been when she purportedly crossed a line regarding Perry’s kids, eight-year-old Jack and five-year-old Sophie. According to the court paperwork, the woman was trying to enroll her children into the same private school the young Perrys attend.

Jack and Sophie are Perry’s children with ex-wife Minnie. The couple divorced in 2003 after 10 years of marriage.

Perry also stated in his complaint that he received a call from Liz Perry’s sister warning him that Liz was no longer taking prescribed medication and is "potentially dangerous."

A hearing on the restraining order is scheduled for Friday.

Perry has kept busy since the Dylan McKay years ended with a handful of film roles and guest spots in TV shows ranging from HBO’s prison drama Oz to considerably lighter fare such as Will & Grace. In 2004 he got romantic starring opposite Alyson Hannigan in a London stage production of When Harry Met Sally. And the former teen idol is set to take center stage again this summer in the NBC drama Windfall, which traces the paths of 20 lottery winners who shared a $386 million lottery win.