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MYMOVIES : DVD winner from July 6 (seth green mention)

Bill Trimble

Friday 7 July 2006, by Webmaster

Win "Final Destination 3" next week

Congratulations to Bill Trimble of Kenova, who was chosen in a random drawing from all of today’s entries. Bill will receive "Pink Floyd — Pulse." With only one entry this week, you’ve got a great chance to win next week’s prize, "Final Destination 3" (Widescreen 2-Disc Special Edition), which is released July 25. Take a harrowing behind-the-scenes ride on the roller coaster of death with this clip, "Kill Shot: The Making of the Film," from the Final Destination 3 DVD.

The contest is limited to participants 18 and older.

WINNER: ’Real Genius,’ among 3 favorites

"Real Genius" (1985) with Val Kilmer is a funny movie about a death ray funded by the military. Val Kilmer plays a genius who is in school and with the help of some friends makes the ray useless. It’s funny to see him that young and be that funny. The best part is when this one guy make popcorn at his house and it ruins the house and popcorn is going everywhere.

"Without a Paddle" (2004) with Seth Green and Dax Shepard. Friends go on a canoe trip to find D.B. Cooper’s money he lost way back when they have a friend who has died and leaves them a map. Burt Reynolds plays a old mountain man who was friends with D.B. Cooper when jumped out of the plan. It’s a funny movie worth watching.

"Fun with Dick and Jane" (2005) with Jim Carrey and Tea Leoni. Jim Carrey who plays Dick lost his job and they turn to robbery to support the lifestyle in which they knew. The funny part is they are showering in the neighbor sprinkler system and they rob a friend of theirs at the ATM machine. It also has Alec Baldwin in it, he plays the CEO of the company Dick gets fired from. Go see this movie.