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Michelle Trachtenberg

Michelle Trachtenberg - About Slef Confidence - Miami Herald Interview

Thursday 19 January 2006, by Webmaster

Positive attitude key to self-confidence

Michelle Trachtenberg, actress

AD: How does someone develop a self-confidence that seems invincible?

MT: There are no real tricks. Ever since I was little, my mom always taught me to believe in myself. So anytime that I get too depressed or sad or think I can’t handle something, I stop and think, ’’No, I know that I can accomplish this.’’ If you go in with a positive attitude then you are more likely to succeed in the end. I don’t psych myself up. It is all about being calm and trying to get into a Zen place.

I am usually crazed right before I give an award or presenting or something. I just think that breathing is a very important thing. Basically, I have been doing this for so long that now it is like second nature. You just have to be comfortable with it being a part of you and not think about it too much. And accept the fact that you are going to be a bit nervous in life sometimes and just have a good technique for handling it.

I wear a necklace that my mom gave me that says ’’Believe.’’ That is just a little reminder. And I try to de-stress, you know, do yoga and things like that.