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Michelle Trachtenberg

Michelle Trachtenberg - Chanel Elements Celestes Fine Jewelry - High Quality Photos

Thursday 3 November 2005, by isa

October 26, 2005 - Michelle Trachtenberg at Chanel Elements Celestes Fine Jewelry by X.Veilhan Event

Michelle Trachtenberg - Chanel Elements Celestes Fine Jewelry - High Quality Photos - Gallery

IMG/jpg/Michelle_Trachtenberg-Chanel_HQ_01_0750.jpg IMG/jpg/Michelle_Trachtenberg-Chanel_HQ_01_1500.jpg IMG/jpg/Michelle_Trachtenberg-Chanel_HQ_02_0750.jpg IMG/jpg/Michelle_Trachtenberg-Chanel_HQ_02_1500.jpg IMG/jpg/Michelle_Trachtenberg-Chanel_HQ_03_0750.jpg IMG/jpg/Michelle_Trachtenberg-Chanel_HQ_03_1500.jpg IMG/jpg/Michelle_Trachtenberg-Chanel_HQ_04_0750.jpg IMG/jpg/Michelle_Trachtenberg-Chanel_HQ_04_1500.jpg IMG/jpg/Michelle_Trachtenberg-Chanel_HQ_05_0750.jpg IMG/jpg/Michelle_Trachtenberg-Chanel_HQ_05_1500.jpg IMG/jpg/Michelle_Trachtenberg-Chanel_HQ_06_0750.jpg IMG/jpg/Michelle_Trachtenberg-Chanel_HQ_06_1500.jpg IMG/jpg/Michelle_Trachtenberg-Chanel_HQ_07_0750.jpg IMG/jpg/Michelle_Trachtenberg-Chanel_HQ_07_1500.jpg

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  • I love MT, I really do. She is funny, talented and a very attractive young woman...

    But Honest to Dog! She would walk the red carpet at the opening of an envelope! There are charity bake sales somewhere being delayed while her publicists confirms her photo shoots.

    Oh well, at least it supplies me with endless fodder for my screen savers.