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Michelle Trachtenberg

Michelle Trachtenberg - Eurotrip Movie - Incredible Photo

Tuesday 25 November 2003, by Webmaster

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  • > Michelle Trachtenberg - Eurotrip Movie - Incredible Photo

    30 November 2003 14:38, by Anonymous
    nice !!!!!!!!!!!!
  • What the fuck does she think she’s doing?
  • > Michelle Trachtenberg - Eurotrip Movie - Incredible Photo

    10 December 2003 01:30, by Anonymous
    man from what I’ve seen in these pictures her character’s a tramp. I guess MT wants to get away from her cute kid image and create a more sexy one. But I think she looks more sexy in a sophisticated way when she is not showing her bra or going around in a bikini. there’s something to be said for modesty.
  • Am I the only one who thinks she needs to eat a cheeseburger... or ten?
  • i’m not happy with you as in you people why is it when a woman shows a little skin or acts a little sexxy she suddenly becomes a tramp. but when a man does it he’s just being macho. I think you people should take off your sunday school blind folds and just chill. By the way I’m a woman and we like sex more than men we just have to be sneaky or you will call us tramps. please think about it
  • Is it just me, or is this weight thing a double standard just like the ’tramp’ issue? If she were 10 pounds heavier the same people calling her skinny would be calling her fat, it’s true so just shut up about it. And the tramp thing? It’s a MOVIE role! I dunno what you people are thinking, just because someone plays a character doesn’t mean they are the character. Grow up.

    See online : wtf?

  • *blinkblink* whoa! *grins*

    okay. to address.

    a) When you can count someone’s ribs? They are NOT fat. The child needs to eat.

    b) It’s her life and her career and if she wants to do a teen joke-around movie like this, what business is it of yours? If you don’t like it, don’t watch it.

    c) "Oh, she showed off her bra, she must be a tramp." Oh my GOD people! People wear less than that every day on the beach and in public and nobody bats an eye! Take your prudish self back to the Puritan Meetinghouse.

  • I think she looks great! She is not too thin, I’m overweight but when I’m taking off my top, you can easily count my ribs! Why is it that everyone think teenage stars who are SLIM are anorexic or something? I haven’t seen this film but I think that as this has been classified as a teen comedy that it would be funny, tongue-in-cheek humour and therefore instead of being a "tramp" she is actually suceeding in a comedic role. Geez! I’m British and you guys are more stiff-upper-lipped than we are!
  • just for anyone who thinks that the bra-showing is too tramp-ish, i would like to point out that in the unrated version of the movie, shes not even wearing a bra
  • Lol, well obviously she is way too skinny...seeing as you can totally see her entire rib cage. But, in Hollywood you’ve gotta be skinny to make your role. So, I can’t blame her. I’d like it if I were that skinny. The only ironic thing is, is that she’s flashing the road for someone to pick them up...but she has an A-cup bra.
  • > Michelle Trachtenberg - Eurotrip Movie - Incredible Photo

    3 September 2005 14:47, by Anonymous
    one helluva nice shot! keep at it Michelle!
  • She was such a tease in this movie. She shows a lot but not nude and that was a dissapointment. She may be seen from the rear lifting up her top and not have a bra on but such a waste. She won’t be accepted in such a movie again unless she goes nude.
  • Michelle Trachtenberg - Eurotrip Movie - Incredible Photo

    16 November 2007 20:02, by Anonymous
    It’s pathetic your spending time slamming a celeb in a photo. Every time I see people being critical of someone they don’t know on a personal level, I feel sorry for them. Sorry not for the celeb, but for the poor soul who is so down about themselves (Though they’ll never admit to it or even know they don’t like themselves) they need to slam someone once or still held in high regard by others. Get a life or continue being losers. Your choice...
  • Michelle Trachtenberg - Eurotrip Movie - Incredible Photo

    2 December 2007 01:00, by Anonymous
    ew her nostrils are flaring. i guess that’s her way of trying to be sexy...
  • Michelle Trachtenberg - Eurotrip Movie - Incredible Photo

    16 January 2008 22:57, by DrifterSwede!
    You are so fucking stupid! Her body is perfect in every way! You can only see her ribcage because she is holding her arms up and streching to be seen! I am a guy her height I weigh 87kg and you can se my ribcage too if i do that! So F.U!! You canīt get that body from just not eating! I bet thereīs quite a bit of traning behind that beautiful body. Wich would explain her "fat arms" (they are also perfect by the way!) or do you want a girl that looks as if she would die from lifting a toothpick?
  • SHE IS SO COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NICE BODY!