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Michelle Trachtenberg

Michelle Trachtenberg - New dating rumor about DJ AM

Sunday 12 November 2006, by Webmaster

Michelle Trachtenberg has a thing for guys in the music business. A few months back, she was linked to Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz and now she’s allegedly dating Nicole Richie’s ex-fiancÚ, DJ AM.

According to Life & Style Weekly, Michelle and AM, a.k.a. Adam Goldstein, have been seeing each other for about a month. Though they were dating when Michelle turned 21 earlier this month, Adam was unable to make her party at Hyde due to work. But the 33-year-old still gave his new lady a birthday to remember. L&S reports that he gave Michelle a $2,000 Balenciaga bag. (Interesting note: Nicole Richie is a Balenciaga fan and has their motorcycle bag in a rainbow of colors.)

An insider explained to Life & Style what AM sees in Michelle. The source said, “Adam really likes Michelle. She’s down-to-earth and totally different from Nicole. Michelle isn’t into the tabloid thing. She likes to go out, but she doesn’t seem to need the spotlight like Nicole. Michelle really likes AM, and he thinks she’s something special.”

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  • Michelle Trachtenberg - New dating rumor about DJ AM

    12 November 2006 21:35, by Anonymous

    This is a very old rumor and is false.

    DJ AM and Michelle Trachtenberg were spotted having lunch once. They were discussing him DJing at her birthday party. He did not buy her anything for her birthday - she got that particular gift from someone else. At her birthday party in Las Vegas, she was there with her real boyfriend, Shawn Ashmore and the two of them got very close.

    He has since then been hanging around Nicole Ritchie.

    She was recently ion New York City filming a Law and Order episode.

    She recently went to an event and Pete Wentz was at the same event. They weren’t together; bit they did talk to each other, being friends. She didn’t allow him to be photographed with her because they had some (Pardon the pun.) falling out about his habit of getting publicity by getting photographed with him. They are still friends, but she has let him know not to be hanging on her all the time.

    Speaking of Pete Wentz, he was asked by Ted Casablanca if he was dating Michelle Trachtenberg. He very politely said... No.

  • Michelle Trachtenberg - New dating rumor about DJ AM

    18 November 2006 03:51, by Johann Conrad Dipple

    New Update:

    This rumor is false. A friend of mine who was there saw them. They were not cooing or making out in the DJ booth. DJ AM invited her and she sat in the booth - nothing was going on. And she didn’t "dirty dance" with Bjou Phillips either, Bjou Phillips was also invited by DJ AM and the three of them were in the booth, talking. Nothing romantic happened between the three and Michelle Trachtenberg and DJ AM went to get a bite to eat before the two of them went their separate ways that night.

    And a recent quote from Michelle Trachtenberg, herself.

    "I’m not looking to be on the cover of Us Weekly every week. I’m not about the gossip or ’Who is she dating?’ or blah, blah, blah. When, unfortunately, there are things in the tabloids about it, it’s very upsetting because you know it’s not true."