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Michelle Trachtenberg

Michelle Trachtenberg - Shopping Shoot - HQ Photos

Thursday 6 May 2004, by Webmaster

Michelle Trachtenberg - Shopping Shoot - HQ Photos - Gallery

IMG/jpg/michelle_trachtenberg_shopping_shoot1_0750.jpg IMG/jpg/michelle_trachtenberg_shopping_shoot1_1250.jpg IMG/jpg/michelle_trachtenberg_shopping_shoot2_0750.jpg IMG/jpg/michelle_trachtenberg_shopping_shoot2_1250.jpg IMG/jpg/michelle_trachtenberg_shopping_shoot3_0750.jpg IMG/jpg/michelle_trachtenberg_shopping_shoot3_1250.jpg IMG/jpg/michelle_trachtenberg_shopping_shoot4_0750.jpg IMG/jpg/michelle_trachtenberg_shopping_shoot4_1250.jpg IMG/jpg/michelle_trachtenberg_shopping_shoot5_0750.jpg IMG/jpg/michelle_trachtenberg_shopping_shoot5_1250.jpg IMG/jpg/michelle_trachtenberg_shopping_shoot6_0750.jpg IMG/jpg/michelle_trachtenberg_shopping_shoot6_1250.jpg IMG/jpg/michelle_trachtenberg_shopping_shoot7_0750.jpg IMG/jpg/michelle_trachtenberg_shopping_shoot7_1250.jpg IMG/jpg/michelle_trachtenberg_shopping_shoot8_0750.jpg IMG/jpg/michelle_trachtenberg_shopping_shoot8_1250.jpg

4 Forum messages

  • Wow!! She just looks so hot in those photos
  • she wears too much makeup. does not look right on her. she should wait a few more years.
  • She’s growing into a very beautiful woman.
  • The young Lady will be 21 tomorrow! (d.o.b. 11 Oct 1985)

    Happy Birthday Michelle!

    She’s no longer a "little girl" and I think she would look silly wearing "little girl makeup".

    With that said, I’m glad she has actually toned down the glitter-shadow and blood red lip gloss she was doing a year or two ago.

    But I think we, the public, have to realize that "going to openings" or anytime being seen is like auditioning and an actor is doing a job of presenting as many "faces" as possible to the eyes of prospective casting directors to show what they could look like in a yet uncast roll. Actors need to show that they can at any moment look like a "good girl", "bad girl", "rich girl", "cheap girl", "chaste girl", or "ho".

    You go girl!... I mean Woman!