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Michelle Trachtenberg cheating on Shawn Ashmore with a rocker ?

John Kennedy

dimanche 23 juillet 2006, par Webmaster

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Michelle Trachtenberg lowers her head as she goes for dinner with Pete Wentz.

Canadian cutie Shawn Ashmore will surely have his heart broken when he sees these exclusive pictures of longtime girlfriend, actress Michelle Trachtenberg, stepping out with another guy.

X-Men’s Iceman was no where to be seen when the Ice Princess star had dinner Sunday night at Hollywood restaurant Bossa Nova with Fall Out Boy rocker Pete Wentz.

Trachtenberg, 20, let go of Wentz’s hand and darted off ahead of him when she spotted the photographer.

Less than a month ago, Ashmore and Wentz walked the same red carpet at the Muchmusic Video Awards. Both arrived solo.

Ashmore and Trachtenberg were last photographed together on June 21 at the Superman Returns premiere in Hollywood. On June 12, they were spotted having lunch on the patio of the Urth Caffe in Beverly Hills. After the meal, the two young stars kissed and then went in separate directions. Ashmore, wearing jeans and flip-flops, looked upset as he walked away with his head down.

A week later, Ashmore, 26, was named one of People’s hottest bachelors. Asked how Trachtenberg felt about his bachelor status, Ashmore told canada.com : “Um, technically, I’m not married so I guess I’m a bachelor.

“I know where my heart lies,” he said, “and so does she. So it’s all good.”

But maybe it wasn’t all good and their two-year relationship was coming to an end.

"We met at an Oscar party and he was just like Mr. Grumpy unhappy to be out in public and I totally approached him," Trachtenberg said in a 2005 interview. "I was the forward one. I take full credit."

Born in Richmond, BC, Ashmore grew up in Brampton, Ontario and later settled in Toronto, where he keeps an apartment with twin brother and fellow actor Aaron.

In addition to his high-profile role in the X-Men movies, he played Canadian icon Terry Fox in a CTV movie that aired last year. Ashmore just wrapped a new film, Solstice.

New York-born Trachtenberg got her break on All My Children and rose to fame playing Dawn Summers on Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Her movie credits include Eurotrip and Mysterious Skin.

Trachtenberg visited Ashmore in Toronto in 2004 while he was filming Terry, spent time in the city shooting Harriet the Spy and Ice Princess, and recently starred in Black Christmas in Vancouver.

Wentz, 27, has been a member of Chicago-based Fall Out Boy for several years and recently enjoyed commercial success with the album From Under the Cork Tree. The heavily-tattooed bass player (Ashmore has only one small tattoo on his wrist) owns a record label and a film production company.

Earlier this year, photos he took of his penis were posted on a popular gossip site. He later called it “a total invasion of privacy” and said he didn’t understand why “anyone would care to see a couple of racy pictures of some s—tty, dirty boy.”

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  • Michelle Trachtenberg cheating on Shawn Ashmore with a rocker ?

    24 juillet 2006 06:03, par Johann Conrad Dipple

    This story has been circulating for a while now and it’s time it got put to rest - period. The Canadian press is making a mountian out of a half a grain of sand and they just don’t know what they are talking about, much like the American press does....

    Some bonehead with a camera thought he could get his 15 minutes of fame by taking photos of her "cheating" on Shawn. He put on the internet photos of her at the Warped show and then had the gall to take photos of her at a private barbeque that Pete Wentz was having as a housewarming party. She kept blocking her face from the idiot because it was a private (Key word - private.) party and she was getting really annoyed at her photo being taken near continously. Pete Wentz from the photos I saw (Including one of her and him sitting on his bed - fully clothed.) seemed to me to treat her with nothing but respect - I didin’t see anything close to them nuzzling or acting like they were dating. She kept her distance and when they were together, they wern’t kissing or feeling each other up at all. A friend of mine who saw the Warped show said the same thing - he didin’t see any evidence of the two of them being coupled. She was at the show and Pete let her backstange to see the show from there, but that was pretty much it. He did mention that there was some idiot trying to goad her and she did tell him to get lost, but he said that she was talking to a few people and was very nice. She was stressed out about something, but he didn’t know or wouldn’t say what it was, of course. The bed photo was her, Pete and some friends checking out his house - he had just bought a house in Los Angeles and was giving a group of friends the grand tour of his new place.

    Michelle Trachtenberg has been seen with many men on her arm for a very good reason..

    She has had stalker problems to the point of one person following her around during the night. This has been going on for a few years and she also has had a cyberstalker going after her. So, she does not go anywhere by herself. If Shawn isn’t available to go with her, one of Shawn’s friends or her friends goes with her. Pete Wentz I beleive is a freind of Shawn’s and he actually has a girlfriend who isn’t Michelle.

    She does hold hands and tends to walk close with any given freind she is with - there are photos of her and Hillary Duff hand in hand - does that mean her and Hillary Duff like each other in that certain way ? One other thing she does is call her friends honey or dear - a friend of mine’s grandmother had the same habit.... it is just a term of endearment and doesn’t mean anything...

    Anyone remember Rebecca Shaeffer ? She was shot to death by a derranged fan, a panariod schitzophrenic who should have been locked in an institution. Michelle, having been stalked, is probably very much afraid to go out unescorted. So if you see her with someone other than Shawn....... it is for her saftey, not because she is running around on Shawn.

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  • Rumors... are just that most times ,just silly rumors..to be honest Ive seen Michelle in other photos with other guys..and shawn hasnt been there...doesnt mean a thing....She obvisouly has a lot of men friends,and theres nothing wrong with that....But if her and shawn have broken up, well theres nothing any one can do about that ,shes young and I dont expect her to settle down and marry just yet..even if Shawn has been voted sexiest bachelor...relationships some times break up,for all kinds of reasons...part of life...But being a beautiful girl I sure shes not short of alot of admirers.Rock stars included.LOLOLOL

    Voir en ligne : Michelle Trachtenberg cheating on Shawn Ashmore with a rocker ?

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  • OMG ! Busted ! What could Michelle possibly see in that guy ? ...*reads last paragraph*...LOL !!!

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  • pete wentz ? really ? that’s a major downgrade, dawnie !

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  • Michelle Trachtenberg cheating on Shawn Ashmore with a rocker ?

    16 août 2006 16:19, par iluvpetewentz !!!!
    this is just a stupid rumor. now days in hollywood if u go out to lunch or dinner with someone u are all of a sudden "dating" them. pete and michelle are probably just hanging out and having a good time together. nothing more. just because she went to lunch and dinner with him doesn’t mean that she is cheating on shawn. the press is making this a way bigger deal than it is !! some guy just took a picture and decided to write this big story on how michelle is cheating on shawn just so he could get his time in the spot light. if they r together then so wat !! she is a smart enough girl to no that she needs to break up with shawn if she wants to date pete. so if they r dating she wouldn’t be "cheating" on shawn because she would have broken up with him !! all this is is just a sorry excuse for a photographers story !!

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  • i hate michelle trechtenberg shes a bitch and a hoe.she needs to do something with her life.....

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  • she needs to die in a hole for doing that to him. i mean look at the smile its so cute bitch

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  • Stupid bitch ! Cheating is never right ! If you have a man, be faithful to that man. Don’t be running around holding hands with another guy. Straight up : If my boyfriend was holding hands with other girls I’d be like "what the hell !?" That’s not acceptable, and anyone who thinks it’s acceptable is gonna have a hard time. Holding hands leads to other things people ! Think about it. Nah ! This bitch cheated on this poor Shawn Ashmore, just like Kristen Stewart cheated on Robert Pattinson.

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