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Mokuji & Nikoleti


Saturday 4 January 2003, by Webmaster

Mokuji :

[RADIO BUFFY] Willow & Tara’s Show - November 22 8PM GMT Hello everybody,

I’m new here and i want to inform you about the new special show of Radio Buffy (#47). During 2 hours every song/background music/dialogues about Tara & Willow’s relationship will be aired from Season 4 onwards...

I hope you’ll enjoy it, it’s the first time i try this musical theme about a couple on BTVS.

Thank you for your attention

RADIO BUFFY : 700 mp3s from Buffy/Angel Tv Shows, 24/24, 7/7, Free and approved by ASCAP.

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Nikoleti :

Hey, great idea Mokuji!

Willow and Tara were a great couple, and great characters separately too!

Welcome to BDU!