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More Spider-Man Flicks After Spider-Man 3 ? (buffy mention)

Monday 24 July 2006, by Webmaster

Spider-Man 3 movies Venom Comic-ConSpider-Man 3 isn’t even out for another year, but there’s nothing quite as fact-hungry as an army of insistent geeks, so the Spider-Man 3 hype was duly zipped into top gear at the Comic-Con over the weekend.

There’s a Spider-Man 3 trailer out and about on the Internet already, and it’s confirmed what many Spider-Man geeks fans had been hoping for - Venom is going to be one of the Spider-Man 3 villains. What’s more, nobody’s actually ruling out making a bunch more Spider-Man films once Spider-Man 3 is released. You literally aren’t able to make comic book geeks any happier that this if you set up a Princess Leia/ Buffy The Vampire Slayer naked jelly wrestle.

The world of superhero movies has got a bit crap in Spider-Man’s absence. X-Men 3 and the Fantastic Four were muddled and confused, Batman somehow lost his ’Kerzammo!’ flashcards and Superman got turned into a big girly fairy. Now the closest thing there is to a movie superhero is a 43-year-old man dressed up as a funny pirate, and that can’t be right.

But - hooray - Spider-Man 3 is back to save the day. Erm, or at least it will be this time next year, anyway. But even though Spider-Man 3 isn’t out for ages, it’s still being talked up to an enormous extent at the San Diego Comic-Con. We already knew little bits about Spider-Man 3 - like Spider-Man having a new girlfriend and the old bloke from Babe being in it - but not the big news that everyone wanted to hear; the news that Venom would be one of Spider-Man’s enemies in Spider-Man 3. That was confirmed at the Comic-Con, as was the news that Spider-Man 3 might not - as was previously thought - be the last Spider-Man movie. Tobey Maguire told fans at the Comic-Con:

"There will be some conclusions, though I wouldn’t say it’s necessarily the end. If there are stories worth telling, then we’ll tell them."

The big question now is, now that Spider-Man has fought the Green Goblin, Dr Octopus, Venom, The Sandman and Hobgoblin, who’d be left for Spider-Man to battle in a possible Spider-Man 4? The petition to see the inclusion of rubbish spelling baddie Typeface and Living Brain, the shittest robot in the world in Spider-Man 4 starts here, folks.