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Morena Baccarin

Morena Baccarin eyes ’Wonder Woman’

By Robert Sanchez

Wednesday 15 June 2005, by Webmaster

So who will be cast in Joss Whedon’s Wonder Woman? There has been a few names thrown around lately but who has really been approached?

Some how a rumor began during the Batman junket that Katie Holmes was in the running for Wonder Woman, lets clear something up, she has NEVER been approached to play Wonder Woman.

This is exactly what she was asked by me at the Batman junket roundtable that we shared with a group of web and print journalists.

Q: Katie, is there another comic franchise that you’d like to see yourself involved in..Wonder Woman or something like that?

Holmes: I really like.. I loved working on this movie, Batman Begins . I loved this story and I’d love to do another Batman movie.

During our interview she never said that she wanted to play Wonder Woman or said anything that would make us believe that she would want to play the Amazonian Princess. During the premiere we once again asked if Wonder Woman was something that she would be interested in doing. She said that wants to work on another Batman film, period.

Even AAP’s report said that she would have to first read a script but never did it say that she had been approached.

So who would like to play Wonder Woman? Plenty of young women would kill for the chance but one who has been vocal has been Morena Baccarin who has worked with Joss in the past on Firefly and in the upcoming Serenity film.

Morena keeps on being a fan favorite and says that she would love to have a chance to audition for the part. She also admits to having talked to Joss regarding the role but also states that she has never been offered the role.

Video interview with Morena Baccarin: Click Here

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2 Forum messages

  • > Morena Baccarin eyes ’Wonder Woman’

    17 June 2005 05:44, by Anonymous
    Anyone think it’s a little weird that almost everyone said to be up for the role is somehow connected to Joss Whedon? (Except for the rumored Katie Holmes... yes, I know, she isn’t up for the role.)
  • > Morena Baccarin eyes ’Wonder Woman’

    25 July 2005 20:58, by Anonymous
    Uhm, maybe because Joss is directing and writing Wonder Woman? And we all know Joss likes to re-use actors on his projects.