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Moviehole MailBag - 7/6/06 (sarah michelle gellar mention)

Wednesday 7 June 2006, by Webmaster

Q.Hey Clint, love the site as always, questions are : anything new on “Spidey 3”, Sarah Michelle Gellar’s new movie (I think its called “Rogue” not sure ), “The Grudge 2”, and the “Batman Begins” sequel? Sami

A. Dave has all the info you need on the next “Batman” movie. Dave, meet Sami - she likes long walks on the beach, flying a kite with friends, and cutting her toenails in front of “How I met your mother”. As for the other films - nothing much new on “Spider-Man 3”, only that it’s looking super cool, “The Grudge 2” is as good as done (Amber Tamblyn is apparently rather good in it), and it’ll be out shortly, and Sarah Michelle Gellar’s new film? I assume you’re referring to “The Return”. If you are, it’s apparently pretty cool. I talked to one of her co-stars from the film, Adam Scott, recently, who told me it’s a great thriller - and features a really superb supporting performance by Aussie export, Peter O’Brien. After that, Gellar will be seen in “Alice”, “The Air I breathe”, “The Girl’s Guide to Hunting and Fishing”, and “Addicted”. Her latest film, “Southland Tales”, sees her playing a porn-star. Wait, guys! Come back! It’s not out yet! Not released yet! Please! Return! We’re not finished, yet!