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Much Ado About Nothing

"Much Ado About Nothing" Movie in Pajiba’s top SXSW 2013 performances

Friday 29 March 2013, by Webmaster

Nathan Fillion — Much Ado About Nothing

Fillion is no stranger to flexing his comedic chops, and it comes as a surprise to nobody around these parts that he absolutely kills it in Joss Whedon’s imperfect Much Ado About Nothing as the comedic constable Dogberry. He just fits this role like a glove, and delivers Shakespeare’s lines with a glossy wit all the while lumbering about in a manner befitting the silent comedies of a bygone era. Fillion’s performance may not have been the best that we saw at the fest, and it certainly wasn’t the most dramatic, but it was hands down the most entertaining. — Seth Freilich

Amy Acker — Much Ado About Nothing

Not everyone can handle the ins and outs of 400-year-old dialogue, but Amy Acker’s so good at it you forget just how old the source material for Much Ado About Nothing really is. She hits all the notes you’d expect from a Whedon female lead — spunky but vulnerable, passionate but cautious — but it’s the effortless way she does it that sets her apart from almost everyone else in the film. She’s engaging, funny, and the anchor of the whole film. That she isn’t in more movies is criminal. — DC


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