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James Marsters

Music Marster

By Chris Brown

Thursday 6 March 2003, by Webmaster

JAMES Marsters is a man of surprises, who would have thought that the British vampire, Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, had a secret side line.

He is also a young frontman for a Californian rock band.

More surprising though is the fact that he isn’t even British. He has the rare ability among American TV actors to actually be able to speak in a convincing English accent.

He also happens to be in Liverpool in June but instead of it being for the sci-fi convention circuit, which all the Buffy cast is used to, it’s for the love of his music.

Ghost of the Robot was set up in 2002 with some of his neighbours.

The actor/singer has all the excitement of a schoolboy when it comes to actually getting to play in the city. "It’s the ultimate rock ’n’ roll fantasy to play the Cavern in Liverpool," says an excited James. "It’s A Hard Day’s Night, the Beatles, the whole deal."

He claims that although he is the coolest member of the undead around and a pin-up for millions that his heart is one of pure rock and roll.

The Californian is lead singer of the five-strong outfit, which he formed with 19-year-old guitarist and songwriter Charlie DeMars.

The band played a sell-out concert in Paris last year and are now embarking on an European tour which will see them play the UK and Germany. "I’ve just got this image of being chased down the street by screaming girls like the Beatles in A Hard Day’s Night," jokes James. "It’s going to be great playing the Cavern."

With such a cult following however it is just as likely that his already massive fanbase would chase him down the street for a lot less than being in a rock band.

It’s taken a lot of to bring the band to Europe, especially with James busy filming Buffy The Vampire Slayer for big chunks of the year and committed to a number of sci-fi convention dates.