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Nathan Fillion

Nathan Fillion - "Castle" Tv Series - Thetvaddict.com Interview

Monday 11 May 2009, by Webmaster

Rule #1 of successful television blogging: Never turn down an opportunity to interview Nathan Fillion, even when said interview inexplicably lands in your lap giving you quite literally less than two minutes to prepare. Rule #2: Be Canadian. Or at the very least, throw in the occasional “aboot” or “Eh!” into the conversation so that the Canadian born actor — who was doing one final promotional push on Friday to promote tonight’s season finale of CASTLE — will cut you a little slack upon learning that you aren’t nearly as prepared for the interview as you should be. Joked Fillion (we hope!), “I’m far more forgiving when it comes to Canadians.”

There have been a lot of rumors swirling about CASTLE’s chances for renewal, what have you heard?

Nathan Fillion: I find out for a fact on Friday whether the show is coming back or not.

I find it hard to believe that Nathan Fillion doesn’t have any insider information!

Everyone finds out a week from today. There is no insider information and it has been difficult because there was a big delay with the ratings. We’re all waiting.

With the show’s fate hanging in the balance, are you paying extra close attention to ratings?

I’ve got a dedicated team of people that scour the internet for information such as this. They’re known as my family; My brother, mother and father. They are my team, my google alert if you will.

I love that a typical Fillion family get-together now includes talk about shares and demos. My brother was just trying to tell me what a share was last night. People start talking digits, I start to check out. My head can’t handle numbers, times or dates.

What can you tell me about tonight’s episode, is it true that Castle uncovers some extremely unsettling information about Beckett’s past?

Yes this is true. Castle starts poking around in Beckett’s past, and this is where we see just how smart Castle is when push comes to shove. Is he smart enough to stop when she [Beckett] tells him to? Will he go too far? What’s wonderful about Castle is that he’s so immature, so self-serving, so seemingly careless, yet we forgive him because he’s not malicious in anyway. Tonight is where we find out if he cares enough about Beckett to stop.

Does the finale wrap up nicely, or leave fans with a cliffhanger?

It is a season finale so there will be a cliffhanger.

I really enjoyed getting the opportunity to watch DR. HORRIBLE on the big screen at the recent Paley Festival but must admit, I was kind of hoping that Joss [Whedon] would reveal the title to the DR. HORRIBLE sequel. Do you know what it’s going to be called? I do.

And I don’t suppose you can share what that title is with us?

I cannot. But it’s awesome, so much so that when you hear this new title, you’ll get that same rush and feeling of excitement you did when you heard about the first DR. HORRIBLE SING-ALONG BLOG. It will boil you blood a little bit.

And finally, you recently tweeted “I need me more Eliza on tv. Somebody do something to show Dollhouse more love!” Have you had a chance to see your FIREFLY co-star Alan Tudyk’s fantastic performance on the show?

I actually saw the episode months ago. I took a bunch of classy black and white photos at the DOLLHOUSE wrap-party of Joss and friends and on the day I dropped by Tim Minear’s house to show him, he said, “You got to see this.” And I saw a rough cut of some really exciting stuff of Alan [Tudyk], Amy [Acker] and Eliza [Dushku]. I’m just a huge fan of the show.