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Nathan Fillion

Nathan Fillion - "Outing Riley" Movie at Miami Gay / Lesbian Film Fest

Tuesday 10 April 2007, by Webmaster

Tuesday May 1

9:30 pm

Regal 17

U.S. 2004, video, 86 min.


Wolfe Releasing

Directed by: Pete Jones

Bobby Riley is gay - but no one really knows it. Actually, his lawyer sister Maggie knows he is gay. And so do his live-in boyfriend Andy (Mad TV’s Michael McDonald), and the lesbian friend he has been “dating” for the last five years.

But that is it - no one else knows his secret; not his no-nonsense priest older brother Jack, not his married-but-enjoys-online-porn brother Connor, and not his fun-loving closest brother Luke (Serenity’s Nathan Fillion). To them, Bobby is just another good ole Irish Catholic boy from Chicago, a meat-and-potatoes-and beer-guy’s guy just like them.

When he finally decides to come out of the closet, following the death of their father, Bobby delivers the shocking news to his brothers with Maggie’s help. While he confronts their reaction with hope, resignation, and a healthy dose of humor, he also realizes that for the first time, he really can be who he is, which is whom he has always been, and everyone can like it or not.

Writer-director and principal lead Pete Jones (winner of 2002’s Project Greenlight, for Stolen Summer) has delivered a good-natured meditation on acceptance, family, and friends, and the bonds that not even the most shocking of revelations could ever break - and we can all raise our glasses to that. Career Synopsis

Pete Jones was an unemployed aspiring filmmaker when his script won the Project Greenlight competition sponsored by Matt Damon and Benaffleck. He made the film of his script, Stolen Summer in 2002. Outing Riley is his second feature film.