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Nathan Fillion

Nathan Fillion - "Slither" Movie - Ifmagazine.com Interview

Sean Elliott

Friday 17 March 2006, by Webmaster


The actor also talks about his role in WHITE NOISE 2

He had to eat crap food on location, and play an unqualified hero to face aliens in his new film SLITHER (opening this Friday), but Nathan Fillion doesn’t let that get him down. The story of an alien invasion and the unlikely heroes who have to fight it; is equal parts quirky comedy and slimy gross-out horror film. Fillion plays the town sheriff, Bill Pardy, who has to stop the aliens from taking over the world. Taking time out from filming his new movie WHITE NOISE 2: THE LIGHT (which also stars BATTLESTAR GALACTICA’s Katee Sackhoff) Fillion chatted with iF about his role in SLITHER, the future of SERENITY, and his current horror project.

iF MAGAZINE: What was your favorite thing about your character in SLITHER?

NATHAN FILLION: He is reality based in extreme circumstances. He’s different from other characters that I’ve played, and I always say he’s not prepared, but really he’s not qualified. He’s not qualified for the mission that has been placed on him.

iF: What were some of the challenges of this shoot?

FILLION: The cold. When it’s cold and you have to pretend that it’s not cold. When you are out all night and you’re sleeping all day; it’s hard to get a good meal. You ask ‘where do you get a good dinner at four o’clock in the morning?’ You can’t. You have to eat crap. You can order room service and eat crappy hotel food. Most of the time you are eating breakfast for dinner. That’ll get you after awhile, sometimes it’s fun, especially when you are a kid, but after a while you just want a steak.

iF: Who did you have the best relationship with on set?

FILLION: Michael Rooker can not and will not be stopped. It’s not like he’s even trying; it’s just who he is. I’m amazed by Michael Rooker; at his energy and he’s so extremely positive about everything. You won’t catch Michael Rooker down about anything. I’ve never seen him down. He and Adam Baldwin have a great deal in common, in the fact that they are both professional, they are extremely prepared and they know exactly what they are doing. Their experiences alone as actors can’t be denied. They both have the wonder and energy of a twelve-year-old boy. I didn’t get to work with Michael very much in SLITHER; if you go back most of my scenes are with Don Thompson, who played Wally. He was fantastic!

Elizabeth Banks, I know her work. Gregg Henry, I’ve worked with before. I know who these guys are and I love them; then I meet them and they’re fantastic and we have a great time. It’s just great casting. Then here’s the rest of the cast when we come to Canada, the people in all of the supporting roles. I didn’t know any of them, but they are AMAZING, and I was so thrilled. It just happened that the talent James Gunn assembled was so fantastic. The entire supporting cast was just unbelievable. They don’t come to work nervous, they come prepared and ready to be a part of something great.

iF: What’s your favorite ‘creature feature’?

FILLION: THE THING. I think of it this way...JAWS is scary because it’s under the water and you’re asking ‘where is it?’ TREMORS, I loved it because its daytime not nighttime, it’s in the desert, but it’s the same question ‘where is it?’ THE THING, you stand around in room looking at all of these guys asking ‘where is it?’ and it’s one of us. It’s the mistrust and tension in the movie that got me; it’s still JAWS it’s just shades of it.

iF: WHITE NOISE 2 is your new movie, can you use your trademark sense of humor in that role?

FILLION: I think that it’s the nature of the film; we’re going to be subtler. The writer and director on this picture are wonderful. The past five years I’ve been able to work with people that are very passionate about their work, sometimes things happen that aren’t conducive to a great project like a personality clash. In the last six years, I haven’t experienced so much as a speed bump in the professionalism and relationships of working with folks.

This role is bit more intense, but they slipped something in. I am so honored by this, and they slipped the tiniest thing in, I won’t tell you what it is, but it’s a little nod to FIREFLY. We didn’t film any more options, so they have to use it. Unless the entire scene is cut, that is how it’s going to be in the movie. It honors me to no end. We are doing a nod to another movie entirely with the only connection being me, and I am so honored.

iF: What are the chances of seeing another SERENITY movie?

FILLION: [Joss Whedon and I] talked about it. Would Joss and I love to do it, yeah of course we would. It’s not our call to make another movie; we don’t have that power. We are only a part of a much bigger system in which the decisions lie. In my perspective, I got everything I wanted. When FIREFLY was cancelled, I was heartbroken, I wanted another shot at Malcolm Reynolds and I got it. I wanted SERENITY to be a great movie and I wholeheartedly believe that it is a great movie. How can you ask for more when you’ve gotten everything you wanted? At one point you have to step back and say, if this is where it ended I would be happy. I was a troubled soul wandering the Earth; who was laid at rest and has now found peace.