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Nathan Fillion

Nathan Fillion - "Slither" Movie - James Gunn Slithermovie.net Interview

Tuesday 3 January 2006, by Webmaster

James Gunn, the writer and director of SLiTHER with Nathan Fillion, talks about his new Movie, Scoobie Doo, Joss and his brother Sean "Gilmore Girls" Gunn.

About what is the movie?

SLiTHER is about an alien plague that takes over a small town in South Carolina. It’s an old-school, good time, over-the-top gory horror film with a lot of humor.

Will you visit europe for an promotion tour?

My schedule isn’t set yet, but I imagine I’ll be in Europe for some of the releases.

Slither got good critics. Have you an option for a sequel?

Paul Brooks, the producer, is already trying to get me to work on a sequel. Truthfully, I’ve spent over a year solid of my life on SLiTHER, and I want to do something else next.

In Scoobie Doo you reunite Sarah and Seth. In Slither Nathan get the leading role. Was it your decision? *

Nathan getting the lead in SLiTHER was completely my decision. Sarah and Seth getting cast in the Scooby movies has to go to Raja Gosnell and Warner Bros, however, though I was fully supportive of both decisions.

In Scoobie Doo Daphne became a kind of a slayer. A tough fighting woman. Was it an obisance to Buffy?

No, Daphne becoming a kickass kung-fun action heroine was in the script long before Sarah was cast.

Joss Whedon called in a USA Today Interview your Movie "The Specials" as "a great classic". What do you think about him?

Joss is a great and talented man. I admire him a lot.

In an Interview I read you worked on Angel? What kind of job did you there?

Actually, my brother Sean acted in a couple episodes of Angel. I knew Joss from before Angel. Joss read some of my stuff, and he hired me to create a sitcom about a B-movie company for Fox. I wrote it, got paid, but Fox never picked it up. It was my first job in Hollywood.

You worked with Sarah, Seth and now Nathan. Is there Is there an Buffy/Angel or Firefly Actor you would like to work with?

There are a lot of actors from the Slayer stable I respond to - Adam Baldwin, Alan Tudyk, Michelle Trachtenberg - those are just a few I’d love to put in a movie at some point.

Have you a plan for a next project?

Yep. Working on a new screenplay now.

2005 is closed. What is your favorite movie of 2005?

A History of Violence. And Serenity, of course.

Thanks for answering the questions and a happy new year

Happy New Year to you as well.