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Nathan Fillion

Nathan Fillion - "Smokin’ Aces" Movie - Premiere - Iesb.net Interview - Watch The Video

Saturday 20 January 2007, by Webmaster

nathan fillion Smokin Aces premiere
Video sent by buffyangelfirefly

Nathan Fillion, aka Johnny Donnelly, aka Capt. Malcolm ’Mal’ Reynolds, aka Bill Pardy, is simply a great actor and, really, an all around nice guy.

ImageFillion attended the premiere of his good buddy Ryan Reynolds latest flick, Smokin’ Aces. The IESB was there to catch up with him and ask about his latest projects.

We discussed the original Firefly Flans fumble he made with us back in 2004 that became Firefly slang. In case you aren’t in the know, here’s the low down.

The term "flan" comes from an interview with Firefly star Nathan Fillion at the premiere of the film In Good Company. Meaning to say "Firefly fans," Fillion slipped and said "flans" and good-naturedly mocked his own mistake with the exhortation "Keep being a good flan!" "Flan" became an in-joke amid series fans and eventually gave rise to the name "Flanvention," given to a large Firefly convention in the United States. Fans of Nathan Fillion often identify themselves at flans. - IMDB

Yes people, that was the IESB conducting that infamous interview at the In Good Company premiere, a little extra bit of trivia, he was wearing a kilt that day. Nice legs!

We also talked about a suggestion from his fans that he play Hal Jordan aka The Green Lantern in a feature film. If you ask me, great choice, would love to see it.

In any case, check out this exclusive video interview with Captain Mal himself, Nathan Fillion.