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Nathan Fillion

Nathan Fillion blogs about iPhones, Phil Carey, the Softwire, and free kefir

Monday 9 July 2007, by Webmaster

I have one. Can I say that it has made my day better? Can I say that it has amazed me with its wonders? Can I honestly say that it has improved the quality of my life? Yes. Whilst others click, poke and plod along with their "smart" phones, I rub, slide, flick, and pinch like I’m on a third date at a county fair. What’s great is that I don’t even have to bring it up that I have one. If it doesn’t come up in conversation, which it often does, it will pleasantly chirp like a cricket when a call comes in, or chime when I have to give Dirty Cat her pill- (Location: Her mouth). Or someone will mention something on Youtube I should see. Or talk about where they watched the 4th of July fireworks up in the Hollywood Hills, "Gosh, I need a map to show you." Or ordering someone’s Directv HD package from a parking lot. I use it so much. Thanks, iPhone. It makes me wish I bought Apple stock. Oh, wait. I did. It came in so handy in New York, and I’m pretty sure that I will be the very first person to use an iPhone on a television drama. Which brings me to the next topic.

Phil Carey is one of the big guys. Not just because he is a giant of a man, but rather because he was one of the guys that Hollywood used to groom for stardom. He worked with Henry Fonda, James Cagney, and John Wayne, to name just a few. He was imposing when I met him, I’m not gonna lie. I had just been cast as Joey "Joe" Buchanan on One Life to Live. Still getting the hang of the idea that the bagels and donuts were free, when Phil Carey sidled up to get his morning cup of joe. I had to say something, and I chose, "How are you?" He looked down at the 22 year old kid he didn’t know from Adam and responded, "How are you?"

I was honest. "I’m great. I can’t believe I’m living in New York and I’m acting. I love this town and I’m having a great time. I love this job."

He looked back to his pouring coffee, "That’s what the LAST Joey said." I had to laugh, and he broke his first of many smiles at me. "You’re alright, kid."

So when I got a call to go back to the ol’ alma mater to honor Phil, I jumped at the chance. Am I ever glad I did. There they were. So many faces from ten years ago, smiling at me again. There were endless hugs and reminiscing. Newer cast members welcomed me in, making it easy to be at home there. I was making new friends, catching up and flashing back. John Loprino said it best when he said he had forgotten the power of rejuvenating old friendships. I felt it, too. Especially when Tuesday night found John, Bob Woods, and myself in the basement dressing rooms at One Life drinking 25 year old Scotch till two in the morning. Family is important to me, and these people all became my family. I wouldn’t be where I am now had it not been for the incredible support I got from the cast and crew of that soapy gem. Needles, Ray Jay, Robin, James, Cassie, and Erika- I owe you all so much. Thank you. Bob Woods, I would never had the courage to leave if you hadn’t sat me down and told me to. I owe you.

Now what? What’s next for ol’ Nate, do you ask? Listen, just so’s you know- I don’t let you in on every little project that comes my way. Sometimes it’s best left as a surprise. Remember who great the super secret thingy worked out? Well, there’s some things in the works that will come to light soon enough. However, PJ Haarsma and I have been putting together a little sumpin’ sumpin’ that I’m really proud of. Folks have been so encouraging with trying to get me to read the rest of the chapters for the audio book, The Softwire Chronicles, that PJ thought we should put that energy into something that will make a difference. He’s putting together a package with a few little somethings from both him and me, the procedes of which will go towards buying books for under funded libraries. Way to go, Peej. I’m sure he’ll have something on his website about it. But check this out, people. I have PJ’s word that if the Softwire sells a million copies, he’ll get a haircut. No biggie, you might say, but I beg to differ. PJ has had the same Sampson hairdo for over a decade. When he reaches a million copies sold, not ONLY will he get his haircut, but I GET TO CUT IT. Do I have any experience? No. But I am a reasonably intelligent man, and ask any girl I’ve dated- I’m good with my hands.

Then, after PJ and I recorded an interview (much more fun asking the questions, this time PJ was the star) we took a walk in my old ’hood. Folks in LA may know well the stretch of Franklin between Beachwood Terrace and North Bronson (named after Charles North Bronson) for it’s nice restaurants and a wee theater. But seeing a new shake shop, I just had to stop in. Not till the cute lady behind the counter asked me what she could get me did I realize that the name of this place was REAL RAW LIVE. Beyond the shake bar were pleasantly arranged shelves of supplements, vitamins and healthy bits. Oops. Shakes are one thing, but health shakes? Quickly, my brain calculated scenarios wherein I could escape this establishment with the lowest body count. PJ was with me, and having played Halo with him, I knew there was no place for him to lie in wait till someone walked by (his favorite, nay, only tactic) and there was no way I could drag his ass out of there should he get wounded. I opted instead to buy a shake, fake pleasure in drinking it, and leave quietly. Everything was going well until I heard someone call my name. Greg Jou Jon Roche had emerged from the back of the establishment. This was both very good, and very bad. Very good because Greg is a dear old friend with whom I’d lost contact. He even gave me a surfing lesson way back. He’s an "up" person. No. Rather, an "uplifting" person. Greg is a trainer to the stars, and without mentioning names, (has anyone seen TROY?) he is sought not only for his knowledge and expertise, but also for his motivation. I like to use the word guru. It was very bad because acting like something tastes good to a stranger is easy. Greg knows me. He’d know if I faked it. We chatted, caught up, I was sweating a bit, and the shake seemed to be ready in record time. I took a sip, and stopped. I looked at it, and took another sip. I looked at PJ. He was sipping, and giving me the same amazed look I was giving him. I looked back to the ingredients listed on the menu to double check for "Contains Crack". It was so good, I swore off Jamba Juice that very moment. Even PJ’s 1 and a year old daughter couldn’t get enough. Greg then agreed to train me for the upcoming Desperate Housewives job I’m so excited about. After kicking my heart rate all over the gym today, I asked if he’d mind if I mentioned his new place on my Myspace page, he said, "You tell folks to say, "Nathan Fillion sent me", and I’ll give them a free shot of Coconut Kefir." I only ask that when you say Nathan sent you, add in there how I saved your life, found your dog, or set your broken arm. You know the drill. Those that don’t, read the earlier blogs. Remember: short and sweet keeps it funny. Might I recommend the Protein Power? If you don’t like it, I’ll eat my blog.

Stay tuned next blog, when I cover AIRPLANE ETIQUITTE.