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Networks start making room for the new shows (angel mention)

By Sonia Mansfield

Monday 5 April 2004, by Webmaster

Will you see them again?

Networks start making room for the new shows.

By Sonia Mansfield

Staff Writer

Published on Monday, April 5, 2004

Will they or won’t they?

I’m not talking about Josh and Donna on "The West Wing" or Ross and Rachel on "Friends." I’m talking about which shows will be back in the fall.

You see, this is network TV hunting season. The execs tiptoe through their schedules and kill vulnerable shows. Some have already been slaughtered and mounted on the wall. There’s "Angel" over there. And on that wall hangs the head of "Frasier."

I know you guys wanna start your campaign to save your favorite shows early, so I’ve done some investigating to give you a heads-up on which shows are returning, which are definitely not coming back and which are "on the bubble," meaning their fate is questionable.

So, let me break it down for you network-by-network: "Returning" shows do well in the ratings, so they have nothing to worry about and/or have been officially renewed for the new fall season. The "Bye-bye" category is made of series that have been officially canceled, have called it quits or are so low rated that I seriously doubt the network will renew it. The shows in "Limbo" are ones I haven’t heard an official word on yet and it’s too close to call.

Keep in mind that this is a tentative list, because we won’t know the real deal until May. I mean, I’m no John Edwards. If I was I would speak to shows that have crossed over and predict the future.


Returning: "Las Vegas," "American Dreams," "Crossing Jordan," "Will & Grace," "The Apprentice," "Fear Factor," "ER" and all the "Law & Orders," of course.

Bye-bye: "Friends," "Frasier," "Ed," "Lyon’s Den," "Boomtown," "Good Morning Miami" and, most likely, "Miss Match."

Limbo: "Scrubs," "Whoopi," "Happy Family," "The Tracey Morgan Show" and "Third Watch." "Scrubs," one of the few funny sitcoms on network TV, deserves a lot more tender loving care from NBC.


Returning: "NYPD Blue," "The Bachelor," "Alias." ABC ordered additional episodes of "According to Jim," "My Wife and Kids," "8 Simple Rules" and "Less Than Perfect" this season and that’s usually a good sign.

Bye-bye: "Threat Matrix," "10-8," "Karen Sisco," "LA Dragnet" and "The Practice" (but there is a James Spader spinoff set for the fall).

Limbo: "Line of Fire," "The D.A.," "Hope & Faith," "Life with Bonnie," "George Lopez," "I’m With Her," "Married to the Kellys" and "It’s All Relative." My guess is "Hope & Faith," "George Lopez" and "Life with Bonnie" will be back in the fall, but I haven’t heard that for sure.


Returning: "Survivor" (duh), "Two and Half Men," "Cold Case," "Joan of Arcadia," "Without a Trace," "Yes Dear," "The Amazing Race," "Big Brother," "Still Standing," "JAG," "King of Queens," "Navy NCIS" and both "CSI" shows.

Bye-bye: "The Handler," "The Stones," "The Brotherhood of Poland, N.H.," and I don’t see "Century City" airing in the future.

Limbo: "Hack," "Judging Amy," "The District" and "The Guardian" (which does well in the ratings, but the network seems to think it can get a better performer). And Ray Romano will decide the fate of "Everybody Loves Raymond."


Returning: "The Simpsons," "King of the Hill," "24" "That ’70s Show," "Bernie Mac," "Malcolm in the Middle," "The O.C." Of course, there will be more more "Simple Life" and "American Idol."

Bye-bye: "Skin," "Keen Eddie," "A Minute with Stan Hooper," "Wanda at Large," "Luis" and "Boston Public."

Limbo: "Cracking Up," "Oliver Beene," "Tru Calling," "Arrested Development" and "Wonderfalls." I seriously worry about "Arrested Development" and "Wonderfalls." These are two shows that really deserve a second season.

The WB

Returning: "Gilmore Girls," "Smallville," "7th Heaven," "The Jamie Kennedy Experiment," "Reba," "Everwood" and "Charmed."

Bye-bye: "Angel" and "Tarzan"

Limbo: "One Tree Hill," "Steve Harvey’s Big Time," "Like Family," "All About the Andersens," "Grounded for Life," "What I Like About You" and "The Help."


Returning: "America’s Next Top Model" and "Smackdown."

Bye-bye: "Jake 2.0," "The Mullets"

Limbo: "Eve," "The Parkers," "Girlfriends," "One on One," "Rock Me Baby," "Enterprise," "All of Us" and "Game Over." It’s always anyone’s guess which shows will be back on UPN. But, if I was a betting woman (and I am), I’d put my money on "Girlfriends," "Eve," "Enterprise" and "All of Us" coming back in the fall.


’Family’ business

Fox is bringing back a series it canceled.

I would love to tell that it’s a really good show like "The Tick" or "Undeclared" or, dare to dream, "Andy Richter Controls the Universe," but alas it is "The Family Guy."

The animated series, which I consider a poor man’s "The Simpsons," has gotten a new lease on life after Fox canceled it more than two years ago. Production has started on 22 new episodes (which will also air on the Cartoon Network). It should be ready to air in spring 2005.

Now, I’m sure Fox execs are saying that they "listened to the fans" and crap like that, but what that really means is "money, money, money." The truth is "The Family Guy" did extremely well on DVD and now Fox is hoping to cash in.

So, you know what this means right? You need to go out and buy every single "Futurama" DVD you see. Let’s see if we can get a canceled animated series that was actually funny back on the air.

TV tidbits

- Fox has probably hit a new low with the new makeover show "The Swan (premiering Wednesday at 9 p.m.), in which 17 average-looking women are transformed into super models. But wait, there’s more. The beautiful women then compete in a beauty contest!!! Please note that I said Fox has "probably" hit a new low. I don’t wanna jinx it, but I think Fox can go even lower, "Herpes Island," anyone?

- Also, ABC’s "The Bachelor" premieres Wednesday at 8 p.m., but I don’t know if a hot guy looking for the reality show love of his life, which he will dump a week after the show ends, is more interesting than watching ugly girls turn into hot girls.

By the way, anyone else find it hard to believe that a hansome quarterback for the New York Giants needs a reality dating show to get women for him?


7 Forum messages

  • > Networks start making room for the new shows

    5 April 2004 23:12, by Anonymous

    It’s just more fodder for the hoi polloi. Quality shows like Angel, Buffy, Firefly, and Wonderfalls are all gone (but still in our hearts). All these morons want to see is crap like American Idol, Survivor, The Swan, and other mindless BS.

    Screw ’em all, they suck donkey balls!!

  • > Networks start making room for the new shows

    6 April 2004 08:47, by Anonymous

    Those assholes at FOX are showing an encore of The Swan in place of Wonderfalls this Thursday.

    If I didn’t know any better, I’d think this was a sign of the end of the world.

    Who knows, maybe it is...

  • > Networks start making room for the new shows

    6 April 2004 16:11, by Anonymous
    i can’t believe charmed still gets to have a 7th season while angel gets axed. oh well...
  • > Networks start making room for the new shows

    6 April 2004 17:45, by martheev

    Reality shows. woo. Wish i could make my font smaller for my "woo" to show just how little excitement im really placing on this.

    But i myself am glad "Family Guy" is on its way back. I myself liked the show and found it bitingly funny. They werent afraid to go after the jugular of, well, anyone! LOL!

    I know we all have our own opinions, but i personally consider "Family Guy" quality tv. Cant wait to see who theyll make fun of in their next episode. :D

    PS. Although i DO wish Fox had somehow gotten screwed in the deal since they were the ones to cancel the show in the first place AND the only reason they are bringing it back is to sell more DVDs. Gotta agree with that point.

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  • > Networks start making room for the new shows

    6 April 2004 19:20, by Anonymous
    I still cant believe Slutty Heaven oops I mean 7th Heaven is coming back for ANOTHER STUPID season. This makes 9 now. I mean is Jordan Levin wants to get rid of some shows that have been on too long, why not 7th Heaven or Charmed who have been on longer than Angel. Also if Jordan had any balls-he would rethink the whole cancellation of Angel-HELLO there are fans out there who care more about the Angel than seeing the HEAVEN! Charmed is boring now-fluffy, insipid, and 2 girls wearing skimpy outfits fighting guys in robs is boring. I gave up on it around the middle of this season. 7th Heaven-sounds like they are recyling their old scripts. All the shows on Friday-to me-a waste. The only shows worth returing, Everwood, Gilmore, One Tree Hill, Smallville, ANGEL, and a few on Thursday and Friday. The others should learn how to say BYE-BYE!
  • > Networks start making room for the new shows

    6 April 2004 19:34, by sicklittlemonky

    I don’t understand your problem with Family Guy. I love that show, and I’m not one of these reality-show-watching, sitcom-worshipping, mindless idiots that seem to rule what goes on my tv!

    Actually, I was just wondering how That 70’s Show was coming back next season, because I heard Topher Grace wasn’t coming back....(and let’s face it, without Eric, there’s not much of a show left)

  • > Networks start making room for the new shows

    7 April 2004 03:21, by sara
    uhm, sorry, but uh, i guess i’m one of those morons who watches american idol and survivor.. i watch american idol and survivor yeah, but i still watch buffy and angel