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Sarah Michelle Gellar

New York Psychic Predicts Future for Sarah Michelle Gellar

Wednesday 18 January 2006, by Webmaster

Actress Will "Vamp" Onstage as Mae West, Slaying Theatre Critics and Nay-Sayers

(I-Newswire) - New York, NY: Sarah Michelle Gellar is an example of bad roles befalling a good actress, according to psychic John Cohan. The bi-coastal seer predicts the 28-year-old performer will play Mae West onstage this year - - after which, the curse of the lame-indie-script and the teen-thriller stigma will disappear.

"Unfortunately, because Sarah Michelle Gellar has a huge ‘Buffy Summers’ fan base, Hollywood honchos think they can stake their bet on her ability to draw a movie crowd, even with the worst material on the screen," says Cohan. "Films like ’Simply Irresistible’ [1999] were simply pathetic. More often than not, she’s been cast in schlock-around-the-clock."

Cohan claims that he was the psychic that Mae West consulted in the 1970s. Grateful for his advice, Mae gave him several items of personal memorabilia. His specialty is Psychometry [the ability to read an object’s history or the history of those who may have handled it], says Cohan. Former clients included Joan Crawford, Nicole Simpson, Sandra Dee, Debra "Gidget" Walley, and other Hollywood names.

Though some East Coast theatrical producers are seeking a West Coast actress such as Kate Hudson ( born 1979 ) and comedienne Caroline Rhea ( born 1964 ) for the starring role in "Courting Mae West" - - a play based on true events during the Roaring 20s when Mae West was in her thirties - - John Cohan feels that Sarah Michelle Gellar ( born 1977 ) could channel her inner Blonde Bombshell better than anyone. Their biographies are similar: both are native New Yorkers who were encouraged by uber-stage-mothers; West debuted in vaudeville at age 6 while Gellar began working as a 4-year-old.

Cohan finds it interesting that both actresses are short - - Mae West was barely 5-feet-tall and Sarah Michelle Gellar is 5’ 3" - - and yet each specialized in powerhouse parts that emphasized strength, daring, and aggressiveness. Mae West, for instance, did all the lion-taming shots in "I’m No Angel" and Sarah Michelle Gellar, with a background in Tae Kwon Do, did most of her own stunts as "Buffy the Vampire Slayer."

Though Mae West is still the poster girl for actress-as-felon and was arrested and jailed for obscenity several times, Cohan notes that Gellar got a taste of courtroom hijinks when she was cast in a Burger King TV commercial that resulted in a now-famous disparagement lawsuit against her employers.

Since "Courting Mae West" will soon be in the hands of a casting director, John Cohan is dusting off his crystal ball.

For the latest biography on Mae West, read IT AIN’T NO SIN: THE MAE WEST STORY by Simon Louvish [Faber and Faber, October 2005]. Updates on casting: MaeWest.blogspot.com


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