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Nicholas Brendon

Nicholas Brendon - Audioblog Update on November 20, 2008

Friday 21 November 2008, by Webmaster

Hellooo, everybody. It’s Nicholas Brendon, calling you, at your homes. At your works. At your synagogues. At your mosques. At your temples. I be … ugh. Are you gonna? … This thing keeps hanging up on me, so if it does, I’m just going to have to put my fist through a windshield.

I’m driving in beautiful downtown right now – downtown Los Angeles. And, one of my episodes of Criminal Minds aired last night. Probably, this is a day late, if not two days late, this blog. But I wanted to blog at you: Blog. … It’s … probably … Blog. … Hold on: Blog. Blog. Blog. OK. Sorry about that. It’s gonna be a little: “Cleanup on Aisle 4. Yeah, I blogged everywhere. So if you can help me clean that up, that’d be great. Y-e-a-h. It’s kind of leaking into Aisle 5 now, too. It’s a mess.”

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