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Pennywise Returns ! (seth green mention)

Clint Morris

Wednesday 7 June 2006, by Webmaster

My wife’s going to be throwing spatulas around the room when she reads this bit.

They’re remaking Stephen King’s “It”. They being scripter Peter Filardi (“Salem’s Lot”, “Nightmares & Dreamscapes”) and the Sci-Fic Channel. And I’m betting Tim Curry’s invitation has been lost in the mail.

Like the first televisation of the Stephen King yarn, it’ll be made as a mini-series. In this case, it looks to be a four-hour broadcast event on Sci-Fi. (Initially, TNT had shown interest in screening it, but they were only offering two hours of air-time for Pennywise, ya see?)

The original mini-series, directed by Tommy Lee Wallace, featured a slick ensemble headed up by such names as John Ritter, Annette O’Toole, Richard Masur, Richard Thomas, Harry Anderson, and a young Seth Green.

“It” tells of seven youths who have to defeat a demonic spite named Pennywise (played with relish by Tim Curry) that dresses in a clown suit and terrorizes a 1960’s town in Maine. The clown returns, years later, to pluck his adversaries off.

Filardi told Creature Corner a couple of years back - when “It” was set up at TNT - that he has some new ideas in store for the remake. “If you remember [’Stuttering Bill’ Denbrough] the writer was sort’ve the main character. But we’re going to take it from Beverly Marsh’s point of view...Here’s this girl in the center of this big ensemble of guys. Going with her point of view is neat, it’ll allow us a little bit of license. I think it could be great too. [Retelling IT is] another cool, more interesting exploration of friendship and time and how we all kind of grow up despite our best efforts not to".

Fangoria has the lowdown.

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