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Presenting... FireWhedon !

Saturday 29 July 2006, by Webmaster

OSCON Highlights: openTalk 2.0 and cxap

Damian Conway is giving the funniest public flogging I have ever seen. He is single-handedly kicking the ass of Web 2.0, Sxip, patents, patent vulture firms, snake oil crypto, Microsoft, Google, r0ml and all the rest of us all at the same time.

Great quotes include:

* We have a patent on replacing the letter in a name with x, but still pronouncing it the same way.

* Every time you read the name Microsoft, you will see a kitten. We call it “Pavlovian Marketing”

* We thought that we might call it ... firefly, fireangel, firebuffy. Then it became obvious - the new browser is called FireWhedon.

I sure hope that O’Reily recorded this session.

Click on the link :