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Angel & Faith

Rebekah Isaacs - "Angel & Faith" Comic Book - Issue 20 - Slayalive.com Q&A

Tuesday 23 April 2013, by Webmaster

1. Bamtph: Welcome back Rebekah. I’ve loved your art all season.Now tha we’re nearing the end of season 9,I just wanted to ask what has been your favorite moment to draw so far this season?

Rebekah: I know it’s cruel to answer with a future issue, but I honestly have to say the entirety of #22! I was bewildered by what happens in it at first, but I couldn’t help but get absorbed because it’s so poignant and funny. In the issues that have been released so far, it’s a toss up between Angel’s meeting with Dru in her childhood home, and the Old One Quor’Toth’s rampage through the city.

2. SueB: Thank you Ms Isaacs for the wonderful art this season. It seems that Angel has been dressing more Giles-ish this season. Have you upped the effect gradually (as he collected more bits) or am I mistaken about his appearance?

Rebekah: It was definitely something I kept in mind. I also figured, even if he’s not aging physically, he’s still maturing. So with everything that’s happened in these two seasons, and the intense weight of responsibility he feels, he might tend to look a bit more of a fuddy-duddy, regardless of the effects of the Tooth.

3. Bunny Hearts: Hi Ms Isaacs, thanks for taking the time to answer questions right now. Your work all season has been just wonderful. In the letter column for this latest issue it was mentioned you originally weren’t going to be working on this issue. How come you decided to do it instead of having a (well deserved) break?

Rebekah: Ah, if only! We scheduled fill-in issues at every fifth issue from the very beginning, so I haven’t actually had a real break, although DH has been super generous with my deadlines so I’ve had plenty of time to allot to occasional get-aways and conventions. But once we approached #20 we were making pretty good time, so they felt safe extending my final Season 9 deadline to make room for an extra issue. The decision also had a lot to do with #20 continuing the #19 storyline, as opposed to the other, more stand-alone fifth issues.

4. Wenxina: Hi Rebekah. Housekeeping question from me this time: Which issue are you currently drawing?

Rebekah: About a third of the way through inking #23.

5. AndrewCrossett: In the panel where Edna is listening reluctantly to Giles’s punk band, there’s a shadowy character in the background who looks a lot like Spike. Was it supposed to be him, or just a coincidence?

Rebekah: Just a coincidence! Maybe a young Billy Idol?

6. FangedFourLover: You are my favorite comic book artist! Keep up the great work!!! My question is, what episodes, if any, did you reference when you were drawing Spike??? Thanks!

Rebekah: I didn’t reference any particular episodes while actually drawing, but before and during work on this arc, I rewatched Angel Season 5.

7. Allycat: Hi Rebekah, with Season 9 nearing its end: have you given any thoughts yet to whether you would like to be involved in Season 10? And if so, what capacity? Regular artist on a main title, artist on a mini-series, or only fill-in?

Rebekah: I would love to stay on in Season 10, and I hope DH feels the same! I enjoyed every minute of working on this series, so it would be great to do another regular monthly.

8. MikeB: In A&F 9.20, Spike fights with a short-handled battle axe. I don’t recall him ever fighting with a battle axe before. Why’d you have Faith fighting with a sort of elaborate short sword but have Spike fighting with a battle axe with a short handle? If the Enders were so dangerous, why weren’t they both fighting with long swords or katanas so as to have some ’range’ when fighting them?

Rebekah: Good point, I really can’t argue with it! I chose an axe simply because it was suggested in the script, but you’re right, a longer weapon, even if still an axe, would’ve made more sense. The mechanics of combat are something I’m still improving on, but that’s a good note to keep in mind for next time. Thanks!

9. Sosa Lola: Hi Rebekah, your art is my favorite among all the Buffy and Angel artists. You have drawn Xander in one panel in a previous issue, and I love how he came out, but was he hard to draw or easy?

Rebekah: I hope I get a chance to draw him again soon, not only because I found his likeness to be on the easy side in that panel, but he has such an amazingly expressive face! I think he would be loads of fun to draw again.

10. AndrewCrossett: Has Joss been giving any direction concerning character or monster designs, or has that all been left up to you and the editors?

Rebekah: I’d say it’s likely he gives general suggestions in the planning stages, although I can’t say for certain. But I know he’s had final approval on all the important designs, like Quor’Toth and Eyghon.


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