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Right / Wrong - True TV is always correct, except when incorrect (eliza dushku mention)

Thursday 11 May 2006, by Webmaster


• Thursday 5/11: Will & Grace, My Name is Earl, The Office (NBC) Supersize 40-Minute Season Finales: Actually, Earl and The Office are the season finales; W&G just keeps on hanging around.

Smallville (The WB); Everybody Hates Chris, Love Inc., Eve, Cuts (UPN) Season Finales: Only two of these will return on the CW next season-care to guess which? Go ahead, it’s easy.

• Friday 5/12: Las Vegas (NBC) Season Finale: Somebody’s getting married in Vegas? Get out!

Real Time With Bill Maher (HBO) Season Finale: Richard Clarke, John Legend, Cornel West and Madeleine Albright yak with Bill about something topical and controversial. Or Las Vegas.

• Saturday 5/13: Movie: Wrong Turn (2003; FX) Forest cannibals terrorize Eliza Dushku and her tank top. Yes, very slow night-but it’s a great tank top.

• Sunday 5/14: Survivor (CBS); Law & Order: Criminal Intent (NBC); King of the Hill, American Dad (Fox); So Notorious (VH1) Season Finales.

The West Wing (NBC); Malcolm in the Middle (Fox) Series Finales: And, oddly enough, Malcolm is now old enough to run for president.

• Monday 5/15: Grey’s Anatomy (ABC); How I Met Your Mother (CBS); Prison Break (Fox); One on One, All of Us, Half & Half (UPN) Season Finales: How does Prison Break end? It’s the name!

• Tuesday 5/16: Boston Legal (ABC); NCIS, The Unit (CBS); Scrubs, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (NBC) Season Finales: What’s with the units?

Love Monkey (VH1) Series Finale: Tom realizes that Wayne ripped off all his songs from Teddy Geiger, who ripped his off from John Mayer.

• Wednesday 5/17: Invasion (ABC); The Amazing Race, CSI: NY (CBS); Law & Order (NBC); Bones (Fox); America’s Next Top Model (UPN); My Super Sweet 16 (MTV) Season Finales: I’m spent.