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"Riley" Comic Book - Available for order !

Monday 20 September 2010, by Webmaster

Acclaimed Buffy television writer Jane Espenson is back with answers to one of the surprising twists she and executive producer Joss Whedon introduced in the hit story arc "Retreat"!

In the midst of the battle, Buffy’s former flame, the demon fighting soldier Riley Finn, seemingly in league with Twilight, was revealed as a double agent working for the Slayer army. Now Espenson and artist Karl Moline (Fray, Willow) uncover the secrets of Riley’s recruitment by Buffy, his infiltration of Twilight’s inner circle, and what’s become of him and his superspy wife, Sam.

This essential one shot delivers thrilling spy adventure and is filled with major revelations for the story of Buffy Season Eight!

* Buffy TV writer Jane Espenson returns!

* Features key revelations for Buffy Season Eight!

Click on the picture to order :

Click on the picture to order :