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Sarah Michelle Gellar - "Alice" Movie - Marcus Nispel (director) Comingsoon.net Interview

Saturday 3 June 2006, by Webmaster

Q: I read somewhere that your name was attached to an Alice project, Alice in Wonderland project.

Nispel: Yeah, it still is. Possibly the next thing I do. I just read the script, and it reads very, very well and it fulfills my long harbored wish to put Joel Peter Whitman on the big screen. (Laughing) So from Frazetta to another nut case.

Q: Is Sarah Michelle Gellar still playing Alice?

Nispel: Yeah.

Q: Any other casting?

Nispel: You know what, I haven’t even started thinking about it. Sarah was already attached to it when I joined the boat and we haven’t thought much about it, but just story right now. The Hoeber brothers are writing it, and I love the guys, they’re doing really good work on it.