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Sarah Michelle Gellar

Sarah Michelle Gellar - "Happily N’Ever After" Movie - Lionsgate picks up the U.S. distribution

Tuesday 13 June 2006, by Webmaster

Lionsgate Will Live ’Happily N’Ever After’

Animated voices include Gellar, Weaver and Dick

Lionsgate has picked up domestic rights to ’Happily N’Ever After," a computer-animated comedy that tweaks the Cinderella formula.

Described as being in the same vein as "Hoodwinked" (a surprise hit earlier this year for the Weinstein Co.), "Happily N’Ever After" was written by Robert Moreland and directed by Paul J. Bolger. The assembled vocal talent includes Sarah Michelle Gellar, Sigourney Weaver, Freddie Prinze Jr., George Carlin, Wallace Shawn and Andy Dick.

"’Happily N’Ever After’ fractures a classic fairy tale in a way that is fresh, funny and immensely entertaining," gushes Lionsgate theatrical chief Tom Ortenberg. "When a film’s Cinderella and Evil Stepmother characters are played by action heroines Sarah Michelle Gellar and Sigourney Weaver, you know you’re in for a different kind of enchantment. We think audiences of all ages will get a big kick out of ’Happily N’Ever After.’"

In a statement, Lionsgate describes "Happily" thusly, "It is set in Fairy Tale Land, where the age-old balance between good and evil has been thrown out of whack. Commanded by Frieda, Cinderella’s power-mad stepmother, an unholy alliance of bad guys is taking on the good guys. When Cinderella (aka Ella) sees her own fairy tale take a radical left turn, she sheds her damsel-in-distress trappings to lead the resistance."

Fair enough.

The project comes from BAF Berlin Animation Film.

"We are thrilled that Lionsgate will be bringing ’Happily N’Ever After’ to the U.S. and Canada," says co-executive producer Ralph Kamp. "We couldn’t have found a better home for our movie, and are looking forward to a great relationship with Lionsgate and a big box office success."

Look for "Happily" to hit theaters in early 2007.