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Sarah Michelle Gellar

Sarah Michelle Gellar - New "Buffy" Movie - A Film Wouldn’t Work

Tuesday 22 January 2008, by Webmaster

Sarah Michelle Gellar, who gained fame as TV’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer, told SCI FI Wire that she doesn’t think a big-screen version would work.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, from creator Joss Whedon, was itself a reboot of the flop 1992 movie of the same name that starred Kristy Swanson. "We had a lot to overcome on a TV show," Gellar said in an interview. "Everyone’s like, ’Why would you do that?’ So then to go back [to a movie] feels kind of hard."

Still, Gellar would not rule out returning to her most iconic role: "Never say never," she said.

"One of the reasons [the original Buffy movie] didn’t really work on the big screen—and people blamed Kristy, but that’s not what it was—is the story was better told over a long arc," Gellar said. "And I worry about Buffy as a ’beginning, middle and end’ so quickly. ... You show me a script; you show me that it works, and you show me that [the] audience can accept that, [and] I’d probably be there. Those are what my hesitations are."

Gellar said she’s still recognized internationally for the show, which aired on The WB and UPN from 1997 to 2003. "I was in Bali, and I kid you not, my cab driver called me Buffy," she said. "And, actually, I know it’s on in South Africa." —Mike Szymanski

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  • She is right in my eyes, that’s why I prefer television and I only have to look at the x files movie to know that it wasn’t as exciting as watching whole arcs and it didn’t bring the same satisfaction, but then again, if you look at it as one piece of the puzzle and one episode of the arcs then its fine. If what we saw was purely fan orientated there would be no problem because there wouldn’t be all this background stuff and bad dialogue trying to clue people in to whats happening and who’s who, I mean they couldn’t even do a previously on Buffy because half of its in comic form. Its not that fact that it can’t be done well , its the fact that because it was on television it has to be done just as well on film and that means the characters cannot be sacrificed for the plot, there must be emotional resonance and suspension of disbelief on our parts so that our heads in the Buffyverse rather than the Whedonverse. But as much as I know that to be true, I still kinda want to see it. Actually because it was a tv series, if done right it would be a beautiful thing, because a lot of that character exploration has already been done, so its not about building characters from scratch but building on what we already know and showing and telling how that has changed and the catalysts for those changes.
    • i agree. the movie would be great if they could bring back all of the old characters. i love buffy. there are so many evils in the world and to see a woman strong enough to fight them is good. maybe it could be an older version buffy who reunites with her friends to fight an evil that has been exposed. something like that. it could end good too by the friends sitting and eating dinner, discussing old times, and maybe sometime in the future, if evil comes back, they might have to reulite again. sarah michelle gellar definitely is the only buffy. i probably wouldn’t watch it if she wasn’t in it. thanks.
  • A film wouldn’t work because Whedon has turned into a self-praising, shock-point writing hack. He has no interest in making a movie. Maybe if he could make the Willow movie you know he’s just dying to do it would happen. Buffy’s become a punchline in her own comicbook and I shudder to think what would be done onscreen.
  • Hi I think you should make a buffy movie it world be really good and i think it would be a hit on the big screen
  • only if they got david back and we know he is too successful in bones to do it. (and he’s starting to really look his age although recent angel developments may work around that)
  • Hi,I believe it would work only with the original cast plays in it,also we all need closure on Buffy cause me and a million other fans feel that season 7 of Buffy was rushed also we wanna see who Buffy ends up with either Spike or Angel since shes not the only chosen one now also we wanna see how Buffys life is now that the hell mouth is gone,im sorry but i dont like comics or cartoons so i dont have a clue whats going on with the comic series and dont want to know either ,i just wanna see a Buffy episode again only if Sarah gellar Prinze plays Buffy so please make your fans happy please make another Buffy episode.
  • Although I completely agree with Gellar’s points I can’t help but feel that both Buffy and Angel didn’t finish like they should have. Especially since Season 5 of Angel dragged up lots of old memories which gave viewers a hope they might resolve these old feelings but they never did. This left many fans slightly confused and I just feel that a 2 hour big screen episode would be the perfect way to really give the show closure.
  • PLEASE make this film!

    23 March 2008 07:01, by please
    I felt like the show ended in a disappointment. If the film ends without any questions being left open then I think it would be great. That was the problem with the show. I hope very much that this movie plan goes through. I would definitely watch it if the original cast are involved. PPLLEEAASSEE reconsider the film!
  • In some ways SMG is right about needing to have the right script and everything, but joss whedon has created comics to continue the story of what happens after the last episode "Chosen" and the continuing stories are interesting. Buffy, Willow, Dawn, and Xander reside in Scotland and command a base of new slayers. Meanwhile the Initiative is starting up again and has set up a base near the Sunnydale crater and a general Voll plans to wage a war against all slayers and hunt them down. He believes the demon aspect of the slayers will eventually make them want to take over the earth and create a new race. Could be cool to see on the big screen.

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  • i have been a fan of the show since it first appeared on the wb. and i personally wouldn’t mind seeing it turned into a movie. even if the old cast wouldn’t want to be in it, i would still see it, just because i would like to see a different take on it. i also think that katie cassidy would make a GREAT buffy. she was great on supernatural as the strong independent girl and i think she would pull off a good buffy.