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Sarah Michelle Gellar - "Possession" Movie - Stills - Scifi.com Interview

Mike Szymanski

Thursday 24 January 2008, by Webmaster

Possession’s Gellar Pie-Eyed

Sarah Michelle Gellar, who will appear opposite Lee Pace in the supernatural thriller Possession, told SCI FI Wire she enjoyed working with the star of ABC’s hit Pushing Daisies, who takes on a role quite different from that of his TV pie-maker.

"It’s just this sort of weird and crazy dynamic between Lee and I that goes from hate to love and sort of back and forth," Gellar said in an interview. "It’s pretty cool. It’s small and contained. It’s only about three characters."

Gellar plays a lawyer whose brother-in-law (Pace) is an ex-con who moves in with the newlyweds. Gellar’s character does not get along with the husband’s brother.

"Then the two brothers are in a terrible car accident," Gellar said. "They’re both comatose, and [the movie] follows her for a little bit while she’s sort of losing everything that she thought she had, what she possessed that was important to her in her life."

As Gellar’s character unravels, she gets a phone call saying that one of the brothers has awakened. "Unfortunately, it’s not her husband," she said. "It’s the brother. He believes that he’s her husband, and she has to take him home, obviously, because he has no insurance."

Gellar’s character must decide whether her husband has returned in the body of the brother-in-law or whether she’s merely longing for the return of her old life. "[It’s] the idea of, if you could have your love back, how far would go to keep it?" Gellar said. "What would you believe? What would you turn your head to?"

Possession opens Feb. 29. It’s one of four movies that Gellar has appeared in that open in the next few months, including The Air I Breathe, which opens Jan. 25.