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Sarah Michelle Gellar

Sarah Michelle Gellar - Rare Photos

Saturday 26 June 2004, by Webmaster

Sarah Michelle Gellar - Rare Photos - Gallery

IMG/jpg/sarah_michelle_gellar_rare_photos_01.jpg IMG/jpg/sarah_michelle_gellar_rare_photos_02.jpg IMG/jpg/sarah_michelle_gellar_rare_photos_03.jpg IMG/jpg/sarah_michelle_gellar_rare_photos_04.jpg IMG/jpg/sarah_michelle_gellar_rare_photos_05.jpg IMG/jpg/sarah_michelle_gellar_rare_photos_06.jpg IMG/jpg/sarah_michelle_gellar_rare_photos_07.jpg IMG/jpg/sarah_michelle_gellar_rare_photos_08.jpg IMG/jpg/sarah_michelle_gellar_rare_photos_09.jpg IMG/jpg/sarah_michelle_gellar_rare_photos_10.jpg

2 Forum messages

  • > Sarah Michelle Gellar - Rare Photos

    27 June 2004 06:08, by Sharon Draughn

    I loved these photos of Sarah and of the ones of her and Freddie. That is what I wish we could see alot more of Sarah and Freddie.

    Sharon Draughn

  • > Sarah Michelle Gellar - Rare Photos

    27 June 2004 21:30, by Rick
    Yes! Our girl always looks great, doesn’t she? It’s good to see more pics of her and I hadn’t seen any of these.