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Sarah Michelle Gellar

Sarah Michelle Gellar - Salut Magazine Jan 2005 Interview - Good Quality Scan

Sunday 3 July 2005, by Webmaster

Q : Sarah you are traveling around while promoting your movie. What is that like ?

SMG : I love traveling! When I was working on the series for 8 years, it was something I couldn’t find the time to do. I love going to Londres where alot of my friends live, Amsterdam, Rome, Barcelone, Dubyya, and today Paris, which is a city I really enjoy.

Q : How many times have you been here ?

SMG : I think this is my 4th time. I really wish I had more time to shop here! Do you think you can cut this interview short so I can? (she laughs)

Q : The Grudge is a huge success in the states. Will that have an affect on your ego ?

SMG : (laughs) Listen, if you put emphasis of importance on how well a movie does in the box office or what awards you would be nominated for, your life wouldn’t be very interesting. What is important is that I’ve done a movie I think people will really like.

Q: Were you hesitant about being in another horror movie ?

SMG : No, it’s been a long time since I’ve done one. Scream 2 is more in the genre of comedy, and I know what you did Last Summer came out 7 years ago!

Q : Why did you agree to work with a director when you realized he only spoke Japanese ?

SMG : I saw Ju-On, the film that inspired The Grudge, and it left an impression. When I realized I had the opportunity to make an American version, it was too good to pass up because I got to spend 3 months in Japan. [i can’t translate the last sentence]

Q : Were you at the premiere in Japan ?

SMG : Yes, and I love the Japanese culture. The people are very nice. The Japanese are very respectful in their manner of habit, how the eat, etc.

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  • The sentence that couldn’t be translated by your translator was something like:

    That doesn’t happen everyday in your carreer.

    The penultimate question should not be wether she was in Japan for the premiere, but whether she was in Japan for the first time (for shooting the Grudge.)

    The last bit that’s not translated is

    Do you like Japanese food?

    I love it. Long before making this film, I was already eating Japanese food! [Can’t translate the cut-off sentence.]

    - The Grudge was shot entirely in Japan, which is good, cause it’s Sarah’s favourite country.
    - The movie made over 110 million dollar in the box office. It was ??? !
    - It was Sam Raimi, de director of Spider-Man 1 and 2, who discovered Ju-on and who decided to produce a remake.
    - Sarah wouldn’t mind making a movie in France, but only in summer, cause she detests the cold.
    - Southland Tales, her next movie, will be directed by Richard Kelly (Donnie Darko.)

    See online : Sarah Michelle Gellar - Salut Magazine Jan 2005 Interview - Good Quality Scan

  • Hello everybody! I’m french and i agree with you Allycat for your translation!

    After "I was already eating Japanese food!" SMG said: moreover, even if i love a lot... but the sentence is not finished, there must be a second page in the magazine!

    And "inespéré" means it was a surprise!