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Sarah Michelle Gellar

Sarah Michelle Gellar - "Suburban Girl" Movie - Joblo.com Review

Tuesday 1 May 2007, by Webmaster

Directed and written by: Marc Klein
Starring: Sarah Michelle Gellar, Alec Baldwin

As an ambitious NYC woman, I may be impartial when confessing my admiration and attraction to this film. However, aside from its inspiring and vicarious plot, SUBURBAN GIRL’s greatest strength is its stars, Alec Baldwin and Sarah Michelle Gellar. Previously famed for his screenplay SERENDIPITY, this film is Klein’s adaptation of stories from Melissa Bank’s The Girls’ Guide to hunting and Fishing. The story is based on an aspirant junior editor Brett (Sarah Michelle Gellar) in pursuit of her dreams in the big apple. She meets and falls for big shot book editor Archie (Alec Baldwin) who eventually reveals his imperfections during their tumultuous, romantic journey. The film also stars Maggie Grace, James Naughton, and Chris Carmack among others.

I thought the script was engaging and motivating, but the film was shot in a short story format, which dragged on at times. I was especially amazed by the powerful onscreen chemistry between Baldwin and Gellar. The dialogue was witty and both actors inhabited their roles with great conviction. Baldwin’s comedic timing was impeccable as always. Ironically, his character’s life bore an uncanny resemblance to his real life in reference to the recent scandal with his daughter (which explains his "no show" at the festival.) Regardless, he emanated an irresistible charm on screen, which was entertaining and mesmerizing. — 6/10