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Sarah Michelle Gellar

Sarah Michelle Gellar - "The Air I Breathe" Movie - Joblo.com Review

Friday 4 May 2007, by Webmaster

THE AIR I BREATHE - Directed by: Jieho Lee

Starring: Brendan Fraser, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Andy Garcia

The key ingredients in Jieho Lee’s THE AIR I BREATHE are the talented A-listers who embody distinguished characters in an intersecting plot. Based on an Asian proverb, the film dissects life into four emotions in overlapping stories of love, happiness, pleasure, and sorrow. Brendan Fraser plays a psychic gangster, Sarah Michelle Gellar an unhappy pop star, Andy Garcia embodies a ruthless crime boss named Fingers, Kevin Bacon a passionate doc and Forest Whitaker as a bored banker looking for an escape from an unfulfilled life. Emile Hirsch also makes an extremely entertaining appearance displaying his artistic range. Each character meets a separate fate dramatizing the emotion it represents.

Like all other films with interlaced vignettes, THE AIR I BREATHE is very character driven and multi-dimensional. The dramatic events within the plot are interesting, but not extraordinary. The film is suspenseful, inspiring and entertaining at times, but other than the remarkable acting, the story is not especially unique. Complicated and overlapping plots have built a new Hollywood trend thanks to CRASH and BABEL . The photography is stimulating with use of accentuated, vivid colors for dramatic effects. Fast cutaways and creative editing also accelerate the intense action sequences. Even if lacking in originality, the film’s powerful performances by its ensemble cast are worth witnessing. — 6/10