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Sarah Michelle Gellar

Sarah Michelle Gellar - ’The Grudge’ Movie - SÚries Mag Interview

By Eleagold

Tuesday 28 December 2004, by Webmaster

In Paris for the promotion of The Grudge (horror movie), Sarah Michelle Gellar was in her well-known good mood when we met her for the interview. Since the end of buffy, she is even more smiling and relaxed than usual. Here’s what was said.

SÚries Mag : This mendhi (henna tattoo on Sarah’s left hand) is very nice.

SMG : It is, isn’t it? I just came back from the Dubai International Film Festival and it was really great. They had put up Bedouin tents in the desert and women drew those gorgeous mendhis inside. I love them but I have to admit that ever since I arrived in Paris, the journalists give my hand strange looks and wonder what it is! (laughs)

SÚries Mag : Do you hold grudges like the ghosts in the movie?

SMG : No, life is too short. I don’t really see the point. I have a sense of competition but I don’t hold grudges.

SÚries Mag : What are you afraid of in real life?

SMG : Interviews!

SÚries Mag : No, really?

SMG : Yes, there’s nothing more terrifying than being on a promotion tour for a movie and ending up talking about yourself for entire weeks and months to strangers that sometimes hate you. Some journalists i’ve met before wanted was to put me down. In Dubai, a journalist told me she thought Buffy was the worst TV show ever. It was very puzzling.

SÚries Mag : Do you have a message for your French fans?

SMG : Yes, I was watching TV yesterday night and Buffy was on. I didn’t understand anything but you absolutely have to write that the actress who dubs me is simply fantastic. She totally got the character right. She really captured all my intonations and emotions. Usually, I hate watching myself on TV but I watched the show for 20 minutes and was very impressed. The French fans are very lucky to have had the opportunnity to watch Buffy with such a good dubbing. You should hear my voice in japanese, I sound like a little girl! (laughs).