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Sarah Michelle Gellar

Sarah Michelle Gellar - ’The Grudge ’ Movie - Accion Magazine Scans

By Angie

Friday 31 December 2004, by Webmaster

Translation :

Sarah and the press:

They say that Sarah was a kind and funny person with all the press and that while they were interviewing her she played some jokes on them.

Sarah’s life:

They talk about the burger king ads and how she started acting as a child, about being married to Freddie prinze jr, her love for child literature, all the ads she’s been in like Maybelline, Lee jeans, Avon...also the video clips like Sour girl, Every you every me, Comin’ up from behind...they talk about the tv films she made like invasion of privacy and how she started in All my children and how she became Buffy after going for the part of Cordilia. Then all the films she’s been in they pay special attention to Cruel Intentions, also talk about her presenting the 2002 MTV movie awards and her performance in the Lord of the rings and Spiderman parody and that after she finished Buffy she did Scooby doo 2 and the Grudge and about the future films, southen tales, happily n’ever after, revolver and a possible grudge 2.

Buffy the vampire slayer:

Talks about the possibility of a Buffy the vampire slayer film but it might just be a dream for the fans more than a real project. They say that if Sarah was not to make the film it would never go down well for the fans cause she IS Buffy and nobody could play the role like her.


What do you think of the big exit the grudge had in America? And about the 2nd part?

I wasn’t expecting it, specially considering that it was a small film made with 10 million dollars budget, the truth is I’m very proud. We did a good job but we never imagined it to go so well, we’ve made 100 million dollars and that’s incredible. In Hollywood it’s hard to make, specially with a low budget film, so I still find it hard to believe. About a second part I have no idea, specially cause the house was destroyed in the film so the second part would have to be very different

To play the part of Karen Davis in the Grudge did you watch the original?

No, cause Karen didn’t exist in the original and it would have been hard to base myself on a Japanese girl to play a American

You filmed it in Japan, one of your favourite places, how was the experience?

It was incredible I adore Japan, I had a great time there from the moment I arrived, it was like going into the future and the past all at the same time. I love the culture and the people. I would love to be part of that culture.

How was working with Takashi Shimizu?

He didn’t speak English, but we got along it was a experience I never had before. He’s a very creative person and a pleasure to work with, specially cause he is a great director.

And Sam Raimi?

He’s a fantastic person, he has so much power as a producer but at the time he is a respectful and generous person.

What do you think of all the remakes of oriental horror (Japanese mostly) like the ring, dark water and the grudge?

The truth is that it’s about time! I loved the ring but I believe the second part is going to be even better and I hope this opens the doors to a new generation of Japanese directors that are willing to make films for American public.

Do you like playing the part of the heroine?

Actually what I liked more about this part was that I didn’t see her as the heroine but as a person with a strong character and that is feed up with the situation: she’s feed up of being in Japan, she doesn’t feel sure in her job and she has to find a way to overcome all her problems she has at that moment. Some of my roles before have been heroines, but I like this role more because in thrillers and suspense films the female roles are very interesting were as in other films it’s always very limited.

you must feel comfortable making fantasy movies considering the films you have been part of like Scooby doo and the Grudge?

What I look for a roles about independent women. I believe women can also play important parts just as important as the films they are part of, just like Tom Cruise that ends up carrying the weight of the film. If you win a Oscar you have a lot of open doors, but fantasy films have important parts for women and it allows us to grow artistically.

Do you think that because of working in Buffy the vampire slayer you might find it hard to work in other roles?

No, on the contrary. I’m very happy and proud of being part of Buffy for seven years, people still watch the series and if it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t be were I am today so it’s given me a lot of opportunities, but some people think that I’ll be trapped in that style of characters. What I like now is to play different parts, different films and styles and that the people accept it.

If they offered to do Buffy the film would you do it?

The first couple of years of making the series we talked about it a couple of times there was even a rumour that we was going to start shooting it but now I don’t belive it will happen

Do you think you’ll go back to the small screen?

Working in television is a very hard job, it’s 9 months non stop, hard training...I don’t think I would be up to it fiscally anymore. I not saying never but we’ll see.

What do you think about the fans? Specially the teenagers?

It’s incredible. Specially now that I’m travailing so much to promote the film I only just realised how famous I am and it’s a great honour. When I was little there wasn’t many famous women I could look up too it’s important that there are women that can show us we are able to do what we want.

Cruel intentions was a before and a after in your career do you think the grudge will do the same?

I think so. Actually Cruel intentions and the grudge have been the best experiences I’ve ever had, not just the film but the co-workers and directors. After Cruel intentions there was a before and after because I always hope to find projects just as interesting.

What is your next film going to be?

The next project is directed by Richard Kelly who made Donnie Darko, he’s a different style of director and I find his style amazing.

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