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Sarah Michelle Gellar

Sarah Michelle Gellar - "The Grudge 2" Movie - Fredericksburg.com Review

Ben Lester

Friday 20 October 2006, by Webmaster

Creepy makeup doesn’t make up for the fact that it stinks.

’The Grudge 2’ brings pain on its viewers, as well as its characters

If you’ve seen the commercial for "The Grudge 2," then don’t waste your time at the theaters. The movie is filled with nonstop rise-and-fall climaxes. I couldn’t really tell how the beginning actions of the movie were different from the end.

Sarah Michelle Gellar, who starred in the first ’Grudge’ movie, makes a cameo as Karen; however, her life expectancy is not as long as one would expect. Her curse has now been handed over to her sister, Aubrey (Amber Tamblyn), and to a family in America. Aubrey tries to figure out what happened to Karen, and in return finds herself the victim of "the grudge."

In the movie, there are two side stories that take place. Allison (Arielle Kebbel) ends up going into the haunted house on a childish dare from her friends and also gets wrapped up in the pain of the story.

Another poorly created event is a family living in an apartment complex who hear bizarre noises from their neighbors and soon find out they aren’t all what they seem.

All three of the story lines somehow connect to each other at the end.

This movie rewrites a lot of rules from the original. Now, the curse is able to spread from outside its house of hell. It’s hard to give a lot of detail for such a movie, as it’s very confusing. You can’t tell what’s going on or what the directors are trying to get across.

Amber Tamblyn is the only one who really can walk away with some pride as she plays the damsel-in-distress very well—yeah, that’s how much this movie rocks.

The movie is rated PG-13 for some language, frightening scenes and violence. Recommending this movie to anyone is hard to do. But on the bright side, if you are willing to sit through it, you’ll at least find out about the bizarre noises that happen throughout the movie!

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