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Sarah Michelle Gellar

Sarah Michelle Gellar - "The Return" Movie - New release date, 2 months later

Michael Gingold

Friday 23 June 2006, by Webmaster

RETURN returns to schedule; more new dates

Fango has learned that after being bumped from its previous September 1 berth, Rogue Pictures’ THE RETURN is now slated for release on November 17. No doubt Rogue hopes to get a boost by trailering the film on Columbia’s THE GRUDGE 2, opening October 20, in which RETURN star Sarah Michelle Gellar (pictured) briefly reprises her starring role from the original. Directed by Asif Kapadian from a script by Adam Sussman, THE RETURN stars Gellar as a woman who, while dealing with a stalker ex-boyfriend (Adam Scott), begins having visions of a brutal murder. She travels to the victim’s hometown to solve the crime and put the nightmares to rest-and winds up in peril of her own life. Peter O’Brien, Sam Shepard, Kate (FLIGHTPLAN) Beahan and J.C. MacKenzie also star. Meanwhile, Lionsgate has narrowed down THE DESCENT’s U.S. debut to August 4, Palm Pictures has set the disturbing Belgian import CALVAIRE (no longer known Stateside as THE ORDEAL) for limited release August 25 and MGM has slotted its young-werewolves-in-love opus BLOOD AND CHOCOLATE for January 26, 2007.