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Sarah Michelle Gellar

Sarah Michelle Gellar’s money saving tips

Saturday 22 September 2007, by Webmaster

I love Sarah Michelle Gellar, I think she’s so down to earth and adorable, even if she’s not exactly become the ‘next big thing’ predicted when she was on Buffy. So, I was suitably excited to hear she uses coupons and rides a bike around to save money.

She tells Self magazine, “I take my reusable bag to Whole Foods so I get a discount.

“I go to Bloomingdale’s on double rewards day. And I always print my dry cleaning coupons before I go. My dry cleaner laughs. He’s like, ‘You don’t have to keep printing them out!’”

But it’s her bright pink bicycle which earns her frowns from friends and neighbours now she lives in New York. She adds, “Not only is it bright pink with the bell and streamers and the whole thing, but it has Hello Kitty tyres. Every time I leave my apartment, my doorman just shakes his head.”

I extra love the fact that she isn’t claiming any sort of environmental reason for riding her bike, just that she likes riding and saving money. Not that there’s anything wrong with saving our planet! Who wouldn’t like to go riding on a pink bike with streamers? Who knew they made Hello Kitty tires in an adult size?

I also like to go to sales and clip coupons, except the sales I go to are a K-Mart and the coupons I clip are for fast food joints. I bet Sarah Michelle Gellar would do that too if she lived in the suburbs.

Sarah Michelle’s next movie Suburban Girl will be going straight to DVD, but check it out. It also stars Alec Baldwin.

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  • Sarah Michelle Gellar’s money saving tips

    22 September 2007 22:25, by Anonymous

    She’s right. She’d better save up with her movies going straight to DVD, otherwise she’d have to start going to conventions and posing for playboy like Charisma.

    Wait ! Stop saving Sarah, don’t worry about the future !

  • Sarah Michelle Gellar’s money saving tips

    23 September 2007 00:16, by A.
    Hey it ain’t over till it’s over buddy. Sarah will be a major movie star - she is way too talented not to be. There are many many reasons films go straight to DVD, it has nothing to do with SMG’s appeal or talent. So stop the negative remarks. All she needs is the one role that catapults her over the top and gets her noticed by the critics. Hell, even if she doesn’t make it on the big screen, she can go right back to TV and make a go of anything she chooses to do. She can do comedy, drama and action like nobodies business. She has a great deal to offer, and she will. Not to mention that she is stunning. Oh, and blonde. Thanks god she lost the dark hair. She is not going anywhere anytime soon.
  • Sarah Michelle Gellar’s money saving tips

    23 September 2007 15:59, by DurangoKid
    Old habits die hard. SMG wasn’t always rich. And the movie biz is fickle. She gives the director what s/he wants. If the director is clueless, well, that’s what shows up on the screen. Remember the guys in the suits who cancelled Firefly? Not a lot of brains behind the wheel out in Tinsel Town. Sarah, keep your old habits.
  • Sarah Michelle Gellar’s money saving tips

    24 September 2007 04:34, by Jude
    MMM HMM, I thought this article was about how she only bought the $1300 toe ring compared to those more expensive ones- My bad- cuz you know she saved.
  • Sarah Michelle Gellar’s money saving tips

    25 September 2007 00:58, by Muldfeld
    I think she’s a great actress — especially compared to awful main actresses like Jennifer Garner — and I think she should avoid the forgetable teen summer movie thrillers and do something dramatically engaging. Perhaps a Woody Allen or some independent film that can’t pay her much, but which will showcase her talent.
  • Sarah Michelle Gellar’s money saving tips

    3 October 2007 11:47, by lisa
    the only reason she does indenpent movies because nobody wants her to film in a movie role or the movie was so bad they had to put it to straight to dvd like jessica simpsons movies the only good thing she did was do buffy and her hushand made her beileve she was the greastest thing in the world and needs more becasue his broke ass and get a job she quit buffy and now she is nothing